It’s been a while since we’ve written a review of a WordPress theme we’re so proud of. Since Cryptic was released, we somehow knew that a successful theme must be unique. We have stayed with the idea that for a theme to be helpful, you have to be able to build the website you want. So we created a theme that not only can build you a unique website, but this is also the niche that Zidex WordPress Theme is based on. Zidex is a Theme Industry that aims to digitize industry profiles from all areas. Let’s see what it is about.

Factory WordPress Theme

If you still have not figured out, Zidex WordPress Theme is a theme that can cover robotics factory, electric factory, construction factory, beer factory and car factory. If your business falls within the areas listed above, Zidex will hardly require you to already be optimized to fully illustrate the ability of your business.

The 13 homepages will not let you get bored with the image of your business. All main menu categories are structured so that your customers and collaborators can easily navigate through contact pages and services without difficulty.

Key Features

Zidex comes with some custom exclusive sections like: Contact & Request a Quote sections, about us section. It is also very easy to get to the “blog part” of the website and see the articles that you or your team published.

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The theme comes with the Demo Importer which allows you with just one click to import the whole Zidex Theme with all its features, into your website with zero effort.

WP Bakery and Revolution Slider are two features that we offer free of charge with the purchase of any theme in our portfolio. These two features will not only help you edit the pages of your website but also give you a great design. As we offer them free of charge with the theme, you will save money, this is the amount needed to buy the two plugins.

One very important thing that we have included in Zidex WordPress Theme is the option to open your own online store or sell/rent the products you produce or manage(such as contruction tools or machinery). Zidex comes with a dedicated page to an online store where you can sell large-scale machines in the field in which you operate. You can sell everything from construction materials to machinery such as cranes, excavators.

Shop Products Grid
Rent products by date

A section that we think any heavy industry website should have is Projects. Here you can list all the projects you have finished and you can provide details about your workflow, business figures, etc. For example, you can give details about the client’s name, the location where the project was running, details about the architectural team, the space used to manage the project, and even the value of the project.

In conclusion

Zidex WordPress Theme is a high quality Factory WordPress Theme Which can only highlight the importance and magnitude of this industry, factories, goods production, infrastructure, electricity and much more. Get Zidex and put a name on your business.

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