NFTs are here! Yes, it is all real. Start your own WordPress NFT Marketplace with just a few clicks, by purchasing our amazing toolset offer:

Enefti – WordPress NFT Marketplace theme – live demo.

Enefti theme the latest Cryptocurrency for NFT Websites, Wallet Presentation websites, or any other Crypto and Trading related sites. It can be purchased exclusively from Envato Marketplace. It comes bundled with a demo for NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).

Enefti Core (NFT Marketplace Core)

  • List, Buy, Mint NFTs – in WordPressEnefti - NFT Marketplace Core - 11
  • Add-ons Manager
  • Login with MetaMask Wallet (addon)
  • Themes Manager
  • Auto-updates for all our purchased add-ons
  • Manage Marketplace BlockchainsEnefti - NFT Marketplace Core - 14
  • Manage Marketplace ContractsEnefti - NFT Marketplace Core - 15
  • License Manager
  • Compatibility with NFT Creator addon
  • NFT Marketplace Page (with all the NFTs).
  • NFT Owner/Author Page (Owner Public Profiles)Enefti - NFT Marketplace Core - 17
  • Edit NFT’s metadata Enefti - NFT Marketplace Core - 18
  • Plugin Settings for displaying what components go where and a lot more.
  • Possibility to resell an NFTEnefti - NFT Marketplace Core - 19
  • and more…

WordPress NFT Creator

  • Deploying NFTs to your wallet’s current network.
  • Single Vendor or Multi-Vendor (Dokan or WCFM Marketplace).
  • Compatible with any blockchain that uses EVM and Solidity. (Polygon, ETH, BSC, etc.).
  • Restrict networks that you don’t want to deploy to.
  • Upload your user’s assets locally or leverage them to Moralis.
  • Automatically mints your first NFT.

MetaMask Authenticator for WordPress & WooCommerce

  • Login and Register with one click by using a MetaMask wallet.
  • Works with WordPress login form (live demo).
  • WooCommerce Compatibility:
  • MetaMask Login button below the login form.MetaMask Register button below the registration form.
  • Link a MetaMask account from your WooCommerce Account
  • Option to unlink a MetaMask account from your WooCommerce account.

Media Types For Enefti NFT Marketplace Core (Addon)

  • Create/Mint Audio, Video, 3D Files, and PDF document NFTs along with the Image NFT types already existing in the Enefti Core.
  • Easy to use (No Settings Panel – just plug and play)
  • Easy Installation & Setup

Restrict Content By NFT

  • Compatible with any WordPress post type (WooCommerce Products/Posts/Pages/NFT Listings/etc.).
  • Support for Multiple Blockchains
  • Compatible with our MetaMask Authenticator & Enefti Core
  • Require multiple NFTs to view content
  • Hide/Show pages based on NFT Ownership

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12 Replies to “How to Start a WordPress NFT Marketplace with Enefti Theme”

I want theme with compatible addon where user can create ,buy ,sale NFT .
Could you please suggest me which addon should I buy , also I want to integrate and setup it by your end , I will provide you my hosting details after I purchase suggested addon with theme

Hi Ankush,

The roadmap progress for the NFT Marketplace core can be checked in real-time here: Enefti Marketplace Core

Key features:

  • Save the NFTs as Custom Post type.
  • Install addons with one click only.
  • Sell NFTs directly in WP with MetaMask wallet.
  • Owner profiles and listing of their NFTs.
  • and more…

So, right now you can log in with MetaMask, create NFTs, and import them back to your site.

You can mail us here for installation (after purchasing the theme/addons) -> 

Let me know if you have more questions!


Say I want to be a curator and create nft for a client to sell on my site (and OpenSea). I want to set a % commission for myself and another for the artist. I believe this is a royalty token. Do any of your plugins, add-ons or services allow for this?

for the shop page where is the setting to chage the title from “Explore All NFTs” to something else. FYI: documentation is very poor

Hi John,

Please copy and override this function in your functions.php from the child theme (you have to install/activate the child theme that comes in the package) and edit the functions.php to copy the code:

Simply replace the texts as per your wish.



We have an NFT Collection which will be on opensea soon. Now can we use this marketplace to List our Collection where our nft holders should be able to buy and sell nfts related to our collection?

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