When running any sort of online business, and not only, there is one sole thing that makes your clients feel like they belong in a community and that is a membership subscription. We have compiled a list of the 5 best WordPress membership plugins that will boost your website.

MT Auction Subscriptions and Credits for iBid

MT Auction Subscriptions and Credits for iBid

Auction Subscriptions and Credits is a plugin created by ModelTheme for our iBid – Multi-Vendor Auctions WooCommerce Theme.

By using this addon, a site owner can set up different extra monetization ways for their WooCommerce marketplaces. For example, can be enabled features such as:

For customers: Purchase Credit Packages – in order to bid on auctions;
For vendors: Purchase Subscription Packages – in order to add products to the marketplace;

By using this addon along with a marketplace plugin such as WCFM Marketplace (Free & Pro) or Dokan (Free & Pro) you can have full control over the customers that bids on the auctions and also can have trustable vendors (usually nontrustable vendors will not pay a fee to add their products/auctions). By using this addon, when a vendor purchases a product package (the 10 products package for example), it will be then allowed to submit 10 products on your marketplace in a preset timeframe (let’s say, one month).

When creating a marketplace, trust is the number one word that needs to be taken into consideration. Vendors will be able to set a number of credits (for each product) needed in order to bid.

Read plugin’s documentation or Purchase.



Ultimate Member

This is the type of plugin that is one-size-fits-all. It is thought to be the number 1 WordPress membership plugin mostly because of its ease of use. Interactive and complete profiles, this is how the developers advertise it and the advanced features are just the tip of the iceberg.


  • Lightweight and highly extendible
  • Usable for almost any type of website
  • Ease of use
  • Tons of free and paid extensions


  • Kind of pricy if you’re looking to save some money
  • Not available in all languages
  • Hard to manage all of its functions

This plugin is overall great and that is said by its rating score of 4.4 stars and its 1253 reviews. If you’re not looking at the money and you want the best that is on the market at the moment, this is your choice.


paid-membership-proPaid Memberships Pro

This WordPress Membership Plugin is the next in line. As with every good plugin, it has multiple functionalities and it is perfect for your website if you’re in need of some member management help. The plugin’s description says it all, it is meant to give you all the tools you need to start, manage, and grow your membership site.


  • Users can select a membership level
  • Unlimited membership levels with flexible pricing
  • Payment gateways included
  • 100% GPL, fully open source


  • A bit pricy if you are tight pocket
  • Limited when it comes to WooCommerce Products subscriptions
  • Best for Paid Subscriptions, limited for the Free ones

As we said before, sometimes the best plugins are the ones with the best reviews. Paid Memberships Pro is one of them. The 476 reviews stand as a witness to the quality of this WordPress membership plugin.


ProfileGrid Memberships

ProfileGrid Memberships

ProfileGrid Memberships by Metaugauss is one of the leading WordPress membership and user profile plugins. Boasting a range of striking features and functionalities, ProfileGrid Memberships is apt for creating any type of membership, community, user-based, or subscription website.

This WordPress profile builder plugin is available in three editions:

  • Standard: The core edition of ProfileGrid Memberships comes with 13 free extensions.
  • Premium: The premium edition comes with 30+ additional extensions and 90+ features.
  • Premium+: The premium+ edition has the entire Premium Bundle plus license for unlimited sites, and lifetime updates and support.

The features and extensions of this plugin can make your website robust, efficient, and top of the line.

In addition to that, the plugin has numerous integrations such as WooCommerce Integration, bbPress Integration, MailChimp Integration, myCred Integration, and more.

The integrations enable you to create a prominent user experience without any hassle. ProfileGrid Memberships is a complete solution for user-based and membership websites.


This is one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins. What makes it so popular? Well for starters, it has its own website, but this is not the reason. The most important reason that makes this plugin so pleasant is that this really is the easiest to use and it really compiles all the features and functions you need to make your website the finest.


  • Ease of use – even a 5-year-old can set it up
  • All of the payment gateways
  • Lots of integrations: AWS, MailChimp, Aweber, etc.
  • Powerful Access Rules (for content)


  • It is pricy, no doubt
  • Limited to only international integrations and payment gateways



We have talked about communities and this what this plugin was built for.


  • User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Vibrant Third-Party Extension Marketplace
  • Flexible Quiz Builder
  • Payment Gateways


  • Have talked about the price? Yeah… that’s a con.
  • It lacks some key features that would help you make the subscription easier

This WordPress Membership Plugin is for you if you are looking for something that checks the before-mentioned criteria.

We are no experts in plugins… wait what are we talking about, of course, we are! Our quality premium themes are built to easily integrate with any plugins available on the market. But you shouldn’t take us by our word, you should try them out.

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