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For an e-commerce business, one of the biggest challenges is order fulfillment. The entire activity of an online store depends on this process. A great website, an effective marketing strategy, and even a large number of orders can all be wasted if all orders are not processed in a timely manner and delivered safely. WordPress Dropshipping Fulfillment is a process that requires a lot of resources and time if it is done in-house, but it saves you a lot of worries and ensures continuity if it is outsourced.

What is Dropshipping fulfillment?

Dropshipping fulfillment is the way in which orders are processed, packed, and delivered when the online store does not have its own stock. Because order fulfillment represents almost half of this business, some online stores choose to outsource this part so that they can focus on product quality, establishing partnerships with suppliers, and branding.

When an online store outsources order fulfillment, it instantly benefits from four advantages that are vital for some businesses. With the outsourcing of order fulfillment, an online store will no longer have to worry about the management and logistics of a warehouse full of thousands of products. He will no longer have to worry about complaints left by the customer when an order is not delivered in optimal condition. This responsibility will be transferred directly to the entity responsible for dropshipping fulfillment.

Moreover, by outsourcing these processes, the business will have lower costs due to the smaller number of employees. In most online stores with their own stock, the number of employees in the warehouse is much higher than in any other department. And a final advantage offered by the outsourcing order fulfillment processes is the speed with which orders are processed.

Top WordPress Dropshipping Fulfillment Plugins

If you want to start a business in the field of Dropshipping, you must know that the first step you need to take in the direction of such a business is to find the main supplier of products. Or if you want to offer a varied range of products, we are talking about a group of suppliers.

When you have the suppliers and know what products you need, you need to build an online platform that will help you give your customers a place to buy, where they can track their orders, and where your business can thrive. And we have for you a list of 5 free plugins that will help you build the best Dropshipping business.


With the help of Importify, you will be able to find the best products that can be sold through dropshipping. The plugin gives you access to a system through which you will be able to compare which products sell best in other stores. You will be able to import products, get access to a semi-automatic order fulfillment system, and much more.

Importify – Dropshipping WooCommerce Plugin for Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, Walmart & More



TheShark is a plugin dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to do dropshipping through the AliExpress platform. It’s completely free to import products, list products, search for products using keywords, add filters, and more.

Once imported, the products will arrive on your website complete with images, titles, text content, and quantity or price specifications.

Sharkdropship – AliExpress Dropshipping and Affiliate


ALD is a dropshipping and fulfillment plugin compatible with AliExpress and WooCommerce. The principle is very simple. If you have a store in WooCommerce, with the help of this plugin, you will be able to import products directly from AliExpress.

You will be able to import products, the plugin can import from a single product page or from a category page. ALD is a free plugin with dozens of features that will help you configure even the smallest details of the products to be sold in your store. From images, descriptions, tags, or product variations, everything can be changed.

ALD – Dropshipping and Fulfillment for AliExpress and WooCommerce


Spocket is a free plugin with much larger borders. That means you are not limited to compatibility with Amazon or AliExpress, but you will be able to find tens of thousands of products from all over the world. All products in Spocket have discounts between 30% and 60%, and you have live access to information about stock, a number of products, and delivery.

Spocket ‑ US & EU Dropshipping

WP Amazon

WP Amazon is one of the most recommended free plugins for dropshipping through Amazon. The advantage of this plugin is that it helps you lay the foundations of an affiliate marketing business. Installation is very simple and in just a few minutes, you will be able to search for the best products on Amazon, import them, along with image galleries, descriptions, specification attributes, etc.

Dropshipping & Affiliation with Amazon

Build your Dropshipping Website with Ebbe Theme

Plugins are tools without which an online store could not complete its activities, but you will never be able to support a dropshipping business without a powerful, functional, and intuitive website.

Here we have for you a very good recommendation for a WordPress theme dedicated to dropshipping stores. Ebbe WordPress theme will help you sell your products, intuitively organize them into pages, and create collections.

Through the Ebbe WordPress theme, an online store can effectively communicate with each customer and provide product delivery details, bonuses, promotions, or brand and product details through a blog.

Your products will be able to be uploaded in categories, with each product having its own description, reviews, technical details, etc.

If you need a website for your dropshipping or affiliate marketing business, Ebbe is our recommendation!

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