The cornerstone of our work is creativity. And we will take every opportunity to get inspired. This time, we have left our inspiration fly focusing on the biggest shopping sale phenomenon, Black Friday. MTBF (WooCommerce Black Friday / Cyber Monday Mode Plugin for WooCommerce) is our newest Black Friday Plugin that can be used for any sales event that is or will be organized every year.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Modes for WooCommerce

MTBF comes with a bunch of new and practical features that will help you build an awesome sale campaign, such as:

  • Custom Sale Badge Image. Now you can Replace the “Sale” text with any other Custom Image badge and we recommend you do this using .png format
  • Custom Sale Badge Text. Now you can Replace the “sale” label with any other Custom Sale Label such as “Black Friday”, “Christmas Sales”, etc.
  • Sale Badge Settings on Sale Campaign. New features will appear in the dashboard: Custom Sale Badge Text: Custom Sale Badge Image: Custom Sale Badge Text: Sale Badge Image.
  • Sale Badge Image Width. Now you can change badge image width custom value ( this will be not applied to the Text Sale Badge)
  • Save $ Value listed on Discounted Price. The products will be listed on Discounted Price section.

Our Black Friday Plugin can be used in huge sales campaigns like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year or Christmas Sales. But the Plugin will make your sale campaign look awesome with any other campaign you are doing, even Mother`s Day, Valentine`s Day, Cyber Monday, Easter Sales, Spring Sales, Thanksgiving Campaign.

How to Setup Black Friday on WooCommerce Shop Website

In this article, we will focus more on campaign creation. You can change the options of the Plugin, from your WordPress Admin Dashboard Area. Choose Navigation and start changing the options of your new Plugin.

Before you begin, please make sure that the WooCommerce plugin is installed. Also, the MTFB plugin must be installed. Enter your campaign title, choose the starting and the ending date and time and you are good to go. (The starting date must be the current day or the counter won’t appear) Now for the fun part:

You will have to create or upload your custom Logo, custom Logo URL, Header Background Color, Back to Website URL and Back to Website Link Label.

  • Upload your Background,
  • Upload your Body Background Image
  • Set your Body Background Color
  • Select the parameters for Products per Row and Products Limit Per Category

After you are done creating your campaign, you must add some Categories. Go to Products > Categories. Your campaign can have as many categories as you want, depending on the number of products your campaign is showing.

The Modeltheme Black Friday Plugin has been developed to create customized sales campaigns. It fits to any type of campaign at any period of the year. We wanted an online store to be able to create Black Friday campaigns, Cyber Monday campaigns, etc in a short time but with a strong impact on customers.

Black Friday has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States since 2005. This is what we want to achieve in our online stores. High traffic, easy and fast checkouts, record numbers of orders. For this to happen, you will need a Plugin like MTBF. A Black Friday Plugin by Modeltheme.

If you buy the plugin, you get free 6 months support and with every update, we make to the Black Friday Plugin, you will get notified and will have free access to it. Get ready for your next sale campaign.

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