First of all, Let’s talk a little bit about Ticksy.com. At a first look, it seems the perfect option for providing support for digital items (Graphic Items, Themes, Templates or Modules).

Ticksy gives you all the tools you need—and nothing you don’t—to provide top notch customer support.

This is how Ticksy advertises this popular support providing service on their website home page. The main reasons why many authors are searching for new alternatives, when it comes to support solutions are as follows:

  • You can not control the downtimes; and if the platform goes down, you won’t know when will it be back online;
  • It is not free. Their plans starts from $9 / Month for a Single Support Agent but, of course, there are bigger plans, with 1-3 agents, 4-9 agents and also plans with 10+ agents;
  • Many customers contact you directly from your website or via email, instead of using the ticketing system;
  • Knowledgebase Theme for Web Agencies
  • Change log feature for Portfolio items
  • Perfect as Help Desk for Envato Authors

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Wikb Theme has a lot of key features. We will list the most important of them, and why it becomes a real competitor to the Ticksy ticketing system or any other help desk platform.

1. Knowledgebase Grids

A knowledge base is a database used for knowledge sharing and management. It is used to help the customers understand how your product works or what to do in situations when problems appear on using it.

knowledgebase-wordpress-themeThe knowledge base grid contains multiple categories, manageable via the WP dashboard. Basically, each category is a custom taxonomy and each knowledge base post is a custom post type. There is no limit on how many KB (Knowledgebase) Categories can be added on the Wikb theme.

Each category uses its own layout. For example, on the above view we only enabled 5 KB posts per category (to be shown). But when you press the KB category you will see all the posts from that category:


We also created a custom layout for each Knowledge Base single article. It can be updated or changed via the WPBakery Page Builder. You can add as much information and as many blocks as you want: from simple text & code blocks to complex charts, tables, tabs or graphics.

knowledgebase wordpress theme
Single Knowledge Base template

2. Portfolio Products

Usually when you create a Knowledge Base website, most probably you also have products / items to be presented. For this reason we integrated portfolio items in the Wikb Theme. We made this theme especially for businesses or freelancers like ModelTheme.com who are selling on marketplaces like ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, TemplateMonster or any other digital based marketplace out there. In our case, the portfolio presents our WordPress Themes Portfolio (+60 Niche WordPress Themes).


Each portfolio item (Theme) comes with its own single page, where every single detail gets explained: from theme screenshots to support terms and conditions or features list / changelog.

3. Changelogs

To make this theme even more complex, we also added a unique changelog feature, which will show your customers the latest changes made on the theme (with a full changes history). Take a look at this full changelog example page.


4. Envato Integration

A key feature, which makes Ticksy so popular, is the Envato integration. You can link your ThemeForest / CodeCanyon account to the Ticksy account and then only accept customers who purchased an item from you. The verification is being made via the Item Purchase Key.

Wikb also has this feature. New customers need to have a valid Item Purchase Key in order to register on the site. If the key is correct and registration is complete, then the customer will be able to submit a new topic on the bbPress forum (You need to create forums for each item from your portfolio – this way the customers will submit the tickets / topics on the correct product).

5. WooCommerce Shop

If you don’t sell digital stuff on an external marketplace but have in plan to sell on your own website, then Wikb is the most suitable theme for you. Full WooCommerce compatibility has been added on the Wikb theme. You can sell themes, plugins or graphics directly on your website.

6. Pricing Tables

Wikb comes with modern looking pricing tables ready to help you sell subscriptions directly on the WordPress site. WooCommerce payment methods can be used in order to complete the subscriptions via pricing tables.


Multiple Demos

Wikb comes with multiple theme demos suitable for agencies, freelancers, help desk provides, wiki websites and documentations:

2+ Theme Demos

Help Desk
Help Desk

Home Help Desk


Home Freelancer

If you decide to buy the Wikb Theme you will receive 24/7 support, our assistance and a premium product created specifically for the business environment. Choose to be different.

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