This time it is about us and our work. We are proud to talk about being rewarded for the hours of work and support we invest in what we love to do. ModelTheme is an Elite Author on Envato market.

We do not think it’s too late to talk about a goal. We like to think we deserve to be differentiated because we always try to offer top-notch services. In this article, we talk about our journey to become Elite Author on Envato Market, about the rewards we have received, and the proven badges we are proud of.

What does Elite Author mean?

Envato Elite is a program designed to reward the best sellers on the Envato Market. For individual sellers, to go to the top of the program might take a life. However, if you are consistent and you create good digital software, you can reach the top very fast.

Right now, ModelTheme managed to climb to the third milestone. Let’s talk about how we got our Elite Author Badge.

modeltheme elite author

How can you obtain the Envato Elite Badge rewards?

The only thing you have to do is earn $75,000 in total sales. After that, you automatically get the Envato Elite Badge, and it will be displayed on all marketplace items. You will get a 12 months subscription on the Tuts+ platform. Tuts+ is an online platform where you take courses about the digital industry. Design, Code, Web Design, Photo or Video, Music.

Moreover, you will have access to the Google Analytics enabled for your ThemeForest account which is helpful for us. With the page analytics, we can track conversions, traffic and analyze the behaviour of our clients.

More Envato Elite Author benefits

We focus a lot on creating WordPress themes for websites. The way our products are available for sale is based on how quickly our products will be accepted as being in order. The Envato authors who did not exceed the $75,000 sales threshold are limited in this respect.

They can only have a single item in review. To be able to submit another item for review, you must first complete the verification process that is underway.

The advantage that we have is Elite Author is that we can review 5 items at the same time. Most of the time we are very efficient, and we have several products that must be accepted to be listed in the Portfolio.

More Envato Elite Milestones

We didn’t want to stop there. Also, we pushed ourselves and reached 125,000 dollars in sales. This was the moment when we felt the appreciation of the platform. Because we were rewarded with an Envato Elite Care Pack that contained some awesome Gear, we will talk more about this Care Pack in another article.

More than that, we could choose between another two more rewards — optimized product description for an item page made by a marketing specialist from Envato Studio. Alternatively, an Optimised Graphics package for one of our items page.

envato elite

This climb did not stop here for us, but for the moment, we do not want to spoil more. ModelTheme is an official Envato Elite Author, and we are proud of it.

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