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Two Problems Solved By Inclusive

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When it comes to nowadays WordPress Themes, most designers try to offer the best alternatives in terms of technical details. Their only problem is to be sure that they will create a flawless theme that will never crash and that will have a decent loading time, but unfortunately they forget two important aspects.

Responsive Design

iPhone-Mockup-PSDNowadays, we no longer use just a laptop or a computer to browse the internet. We also have other devices that allow us to visit any website that we want. As a matter of fact, more and more people are turning to smartphones and to tablets to use the internet. That is why, if you are have a website, it is mandatory for it to be accessible for these sorts of users. Inclusive was designed in order to fit these needs. It does not matter what sort of device it is used or how big its screen is, Inclusive, thanks to its responsive design, will adapt to perfectly present the content of your site to your online visitors.

Customization And Personalization

The second problem that many WordPress creators do not deal with is that they do not take into consideration the artistic side when designing a Word Press theme. On the other hand, Inclusive was created with an endless number of customization options. Here are just some of the changes that you can do.

  • Colors – you will choose from billions of possible combinations
  • Themes – we have a number of predefined themes or you can easily create your own
  • Background – it is entirely up to you to choose the background for your site and slides
  • Slides – their numbers, colors and pieces of info displayed will be also chosen by you
  • Patterns – if you want to add some personal style, you should choose from the available patterns or you should upload one of your own


One more thing, all of these are available for no more than 49$ here!