Welcome to modeltheme.com, a website that offers the online services of THECON SRL. This page explains the terms & conditions by which you may use our online website and online services.

Please read carefully these terms and conditions for the best use of the website. Use of this site implies tacit acceptance of the terms and conditions presented below, which represent the agreement between the parties.

1. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions of Use of this Website

A. You may read these Terms and Conditions of Use very carefully. These Terms are entered into and between Modeltheme.com(THECON SRL) and you, as a customer or user upon using any of our Products and Services. You accept our terms and conditions by performing the following actions:

  • Create an account on our website
  • Using Modeltheme’s Services and Products
  • Accessing our website and using it for different purposes
  • Confirming Agreement with these Terms & Conditions of Use

If you do not agree to our Terms & Conditions of use for this website, it is recommended to not start using it. By accessing Modeltheme.com, you will be able to examine, preview and buy all of the WordPress themes designed and developed by Modeltheme, which are listed on the website.

B. In our offerings of Services are included:

  • Content Writing
  • Theme Customization
  • Products

We provide you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use our Services for the purposes for which they were created.

We provide you unlimited access to:

  • Previews of Themes
  • Support for purchasing themes or other services via Modeltheme.com
  • Information about: products, marketing, or technical specifications

2. Customer’s/User’s Obligations and Conduct

A. By accepting these Terms & Conditions of Use you agree to:

  • Behave following these Terms & Conditions
  • Do not copy, replicate or steal information, content, or themes from our website without ModelTheme’s permission
  • Do not sell, resell or rent any of our themes, content, or information from our website without ModelTheme’s permission
  • To provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself
  • To maintain your password and account security
  • To notify our support team if your account is compromised to solve the problem immediately

B. You have the entire responsibility of what information/content you upload, post, or share on modeltheme.com. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree not to:

  • Upload, post, or promote content that has the following attributes: violent, insulting, racial, vulgar, hurtful or contains erroneous information.
  • Trespasses on or exploits the intellectual property rights of others
  • Upload, post, or promote content that illegally discloses personal information
  • Upload, post or promote content that contains files specially designed to disrupt, destroy, or restrict the operation of any theme.

Our website reserves the right to modify or remove anything which does not comply with the terms and conditions and which violates any of the points mentioned in this section.

C. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you agree to not use the website for the following reasons:

  • Store or sent any dangerous or destructive code or information
  • Send out spam, mass, or unwanted emails/communications
  • Stole the personal information of another individual and pretend to be another legal or physical person
  • Disrupt the usual flow of discourse, or generally act in a way that makes it difficult for other users to utilize the website
  • Engage in conduct that would undermine any contractual agreement, existing national or international law, or enforceable regulations

3. Confidentiality

A. Using this website you may acquire direct access to a series of private information owned by ModelTheme.com. You have to keep the confidential information private and not divulge it to other individuals who are not the website’s members/users.

B. Your obligation to maintain confidentiality will remain in force until these Terms & Conditions will expire or until Modeltheme.com will require you to return or destroy the Private Information, following Modeltheme.com’s instructions.

C. The Terms and Conditions of Confidentiality do not apply in the following cases:

  • You obtained the information before signing up on Modeltheme.com, without having the obligation to maintain it confidential
  • You obtained the information from a third party, in legal ways and from certified sources which allow you to disclose the information
  • You developed and took action independently, without any use of Private Information offered by Modeltheme.com or without the contribution of any individual who had direct access to it


4. Communication

Our team will make a reasonable effort to deliver all official email messages addressed to you using the information provided by you when you have registered on our website. On the other hand, ModelTheme.com can not guarantee the delivery of any type of communication, so in this case, any complaint or requirement which targets the undelivered communications will be considered harmless.


5. Indemnification

Modeltheme.com it’s no longer responsible if you don’t want one of our products anymore. In the case of products that were already purchased but not opened (in the cases of Themes), we can refund the sum of money. This is an exceptional situation.
Also, if you violate the Terms and Conditions stipulated on our website, you agree to indemnify Modeltheme.com.