It`s always good to try new things. We believe that a successful person is never a professional in one field. We also believe that there is always room to improve your skills. Starting with these simple thoughts, we have come to the conclusion that we can create something wonderful and useful for you, those who are enthralled by knowledge. We developed SmartOWL, a knowledge-based Education WordPress Theme. SmartOWL is Number 1 Courses WordPress Theme in 2017, besides that, we received a beautiful award for that.

Learning Management System

SmartOWL was created by an elite author of Envato, ModelTheme, but this is not the only reason SmartOWL is the best knowledge theme of 2017&2018. We also call it the LMS WordPress Theme. Why? What does LMS plugin mean? LMS is a powerful WordPress plugin that can be used to create the easiest way to sell, deliver, or present online courses. More than that, courses can be made up of lessons and quizzes that can then be easily managed from the super simple interface that LMS plugin comes with. Probably LMS is currently the best and quickest way to create online education, online training, without the need for coding. SmartOWL by ModelTheme contains LMS. That`s why SmartOWL is our little LMS WordPress Theme.

So Many Homepages

While the entire team was working hard to create the best knowledge WordPress School Theme, we were amazed at how fast SmartOWL could evolve. Like a charm. We decided to open the shop with 20 homepages, but we`re still working on some hidden projects that nobody can know. 20 homepages that can meet your needs as a salesperson or trainer, as well as your students or clients. Because we love playing with your mind and see how you crave for SmartOWL and what can it offer, we will briefly describe some homepages that we think are awesome!

Smart Driver Homepage

Even if you are a car enthusiast or a car instructor, this homepage combines both of them succeeding in highlighting the passion and the art of learning to drive a car! With this homepage, you can not just provide the client with information about the instructors or their abilities, but you can provide information about the number of students enrolled in the course, hours studied, etc.

Smart Business Homepage

With the same intentions but much more focused on detail, this page is the ace in the sleeve for a successful entrepreneur. With this homepage, you can organize your future plans for your students. In addition to the previous homepage, in Smart Business you can provide information about your new blog post. We will tell you no more! Here you have a list with all of our homepages, just because we like your style.

Community Forum, Blog, Shop

SmartOWL is an Education WordPress Theme so in this whole package, we packed the opportunity to create your own forum, the perfect place to debate and develop successful ideas. Besides that, the forum contains bbPress and BuddyPress plugin. The blog is that tool that should not miss from your drawer, especially when you have to pass large amounts of educational information. You need to keep your students and readers up to date, and we know, article writing is an easy job for a doctor like you.

We decided it would be great to be able to provide information about following events or why not, event courses. SmartOWL is a very efficient School WordPress Theme so we added a shop! Now you can sell your books! Courses! You can even sell chalk for your blackboard. Anything to deliver good educational material. In the end, we created the possibility to save your pictures in a gallery.

More Awwwwards!

Yea, we love our jobs and the results keep coming! SmartOWL was nominated for the best theme of the week on We received our prizes and now it`s your turn. Choose SmartOWL to be the key to your success!

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