Now, during this technological period, when you can develop a website for almost any business or domain, it is very important to be able to rely on a quality hosting service. And here you can encounter the same obstacles and question marks. Who can you trust? Who can you choose to take care of your business? In our case, modeltheme would not have been a successful author today on the themeforest platform if the hosting services provided by would not have been 100% excellent.


What has to offer

They do not just offer a virtual environment, they also take care of it. The hosting services are enhanced by their antivirus and firewall system. Your website will be given to the most capable hands, a team full of IT experts, passionate about the whole sphere of web services and WordPress Hosting. You will always be kept in touch with anything that can influence your website. has a system of notifications in real-time. Customer Support is at another level, the team is dedicated to your experience, we mean, how they can host your business without being a good host.


Hosting Services

Because we are specialized in WordPress themes, We`ve taken advantage of the services that offers for WordPress SSD Hosting. Although we only profit from 20% of what Sitebunker can truly offer.No matter what platform you use, whether your online store runs on Prestashop, Magento, etc., is also ready for customers like you. We know how important the crypto-coin industry is and how fast it can change. has a special hosting package for crypto-coin enthusiasts. Without proper hosting, the quality of your business is down. Good luck.



Before we started collaborating with Sitebunker, we were a little reticent because of previous experiences.  It was surprising to learn that if we choose to collaborate with them, we will get the first 30 days of hosting, for free.

For us, but we are sure that for you too, protection is very important, but more than that, the safety of your site will not suffer any losses in any way, Sitebunker offers daily free backups.

On a platform like Themeforest, there will always be competitors, and because we have some fear that one day someone would be willing to try some illegal methods to hurt our progress. has our back here too. Their DDOS protection plan has left us with no worries.

If you do not want to share the server with others, you can choose your own dedicated server and you will not have neighbors anymore. You can choose from the variety of promotional packages available on their website. If, however, among the packages they offer, you can not find something that suits you, you can contact them and create a personalized dedicated server just for you. What are the benefits of choosing such a dedicated server?


  1. The server will be released in less than 24h
  2. Remote Access
  3. Premium Software
  4. Permanent support


In the end, the team at is full of professionals who are proactive and know how to manage a crisis situation. Always ready to communicate in case of problem-solving. Since the beginning of our collaboration with them, we have not encountered any difficulties, and everything has gone great. We strongly recommend them with great confidence.

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