Very soon, starting with the next WordPress update, important things will happen in terms of page building. the Gutenberg WordPress editor will become part of the WordPress core. What should we expect? How will this new publisher affect this community? Why can it be a wise decision to choose Gutenberg? Instead of just a big blank field where you type your text, with some options to format it on top of your screen, it’s going to transform into smaller blocks. You can select a block to have a particular appearance, for instance, a paragraph, a heading or an image.We have prepared a list of 5 reasons to switch to Gutenberg.

Fast Switch to Gutenberg HTML

With the build of a block-based functionality, you’ll be able to customize the HTML of each block. All you have to do is click on the three points in the top right corner of the block and select “edit as HTML” This feature made a lot of people happy. Think about those writers that are working on huge lengthy articles or texts. Now it will be easier to edit certain parts of certain articles. They do not have to search for a single phrase. They can build blocks for that and edit them in HTML. Gutenberg stores information about blocks in HTML comments. These comments are only seen on the back end of the site and are not rendered on live pages.

Gutenberg Blocks

Blocks can be duplicated. It is a very useful feature, especially for writers. Now everyone can reuse a useful piece of content, or can share it and uses again on another page or post. But be careful when duplicating these blocks. You might end duplicating entire pages and confuse Google which page to show in the search results. At the end of the day, your favorite gorgeous layouts can be reused without struggling to find the perfect formula again. Gutenberg employs a number of blocks you can use to customize your content. Widgets, Layout blocks, Formatting blocks, common blocks, etc. In case you have a catchy ending phrase that might fit in your articles, with the share block function, you won`t have to type it over and over again or copy and paste it all.

Add images to the content

Gutenberg is an editor software. Every software engineer or developer that works with WordPress knows that images, illustrations or screenshots are used on a daily basis. Now, using Gutenberg, you can add these media files to a blog with only two clicks. Another feature will give you the chance to write a caption below the image right away. These captions can help the reader to understand what the image is about. So why not add some? If you check the sidebar, you can add texts there too.

Safe disabling

Belive it or not, any website is safe with Gutenberg. If you decided that this awesome editor is not useful anymore, the decision of disabling it won`t hurt or break the website. The special HTML comments are retained in the content so that you can reactivate Gutenberg without losing previously arranged blocks.

Copy and paste

These commands are now well executed. Previous versions of the editor were problematic to editors who needed to copy and paste a lot. Formatting was lost in the process. Not any more.

Pasting paragraphs, headings, results in blocks of the appropriate type. Gutenberg automatically creates them.

That`s why you should switch to Gutenberg. All themes from WordPress will come with it beginning with the next update. Make you editing easier, your page building easier. Make your life easier.

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