ModelTheme values users ‘ security and takes their privacy very seriously. Read this carefully to understand how we collect, use and maintain the information provided by you. This Privacy Policy describes how collects and uses the personal information that you provide.

The Type of Data we Collect

1. Personal Information – When you choose to create an account on our website, the data provided by you are automatically collected in our database. This includes information such as name, country, email, billing address (if you intend to make an online purchase).

2. Non-personal Information – when you take actions on our website, a series of non-personal data is also collected, such as location, IP address, purchase code, but also other statistical data that target the use of our website (this type of information is collected via Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel)


Information Provided by Users

When you sign up for an account on our website, you provide personal information about you, such as your name and email address. By providing us this information we consider that you are the owner of this private information or you have the right to disclose it. Your Account Information is not public on our website or it is not exposed in any way to the general public. It will be kept private, except for the username you chose to be identified with

Note: A certain type of information such as sexual orientation, race, religion is considered sensitive information, so we do not collect such data. If you want to expose such information, we recommend that you be well informed.

Other situations when you may provide personal information on are the following:

  • Customer support
  • Promotions
  • Newsletters

Use of Personal Information

The personal information collected by it’s used for promotional purposes. Whenever you provide personal data such as your email address, you agree that you will receive promotional materials and newsletters.

If you provide information in the following situation, you agree to subscribe to our promotional campaigns and newsletters:

  • Conversations on live chat
  • Send a message via a contact form
  • Open a ticket


The information about you obtained from third parties

In some situations, we have to receive information from third parties to whom you provided personal information about us. Because our website offers the possibility to purchase online services and products (WordPress themes), we need to receive financial/transactional details from your provider of financial services (banks or online payments methods providers).

Another case when may obtain personal information about you from a third party it’s for fraud detection. Such information may be required to prevent fraud and ensure the website’s safety and availability.

The type of information third parties may collect when you utilize our website

While using our website you may be linked to other website’s services and products that will collect private information from you. In this case, the information it’s not collected and used by us, so it became the Private Policy responsibility of the third party.

Payment Services

To complete the purchase of a theme or service on our website, you will be redirected to a third-party page. This type of page requires your personal information, such as your credit card details for completing the transaction. Because we are the direct beneficiaries of this payment, we will receive information from the third parties implied in this purchase process.

The Content Elements Embedded on the website

Our website includes a series of content elements such as images, videos, etc, which are from third parties websites. Accessing this third-party information have the same effect as accessing a third-party payment service. The website will collect information about, this action being in concordance with their Privacy Policy.


The usage of collected information

The main purposes for which we use the data collected are:

A. Promotion – By providing us personal information you agree to receive promotional content from, such as newsletters, promotional information about our services and products, surveys, offers.

B. Communication with our users – We use the information provided by users to facilitate an efficient communication process and to constantly inform customers about the terms and conditions of the website, but also about updates, news, or products.

C. Product improvement and research – To obtain the best features and premium products, we develop a series of surveys, tests, and research using the collected database.


No data Sharing with Third-Parties

We never share your information with third parties in such a way that any of your personal information, such as your email address or name, is revealed (subject to laws and regulations). Only our administrators have access to your data if you have gone through the methods we use to obtain information. We do not give your information to anybody else. You can, however, go through your data at any time and erase it.
Only in exceptional cases can personal information be shared, such as at the request of the authorities, legal orders, or in case of lawsuits.

Erase your personal information from our website

If you want to delete the personal information about you from our website, you can send us a message to the following contact page:, and we will give you more information on how to erase that info. This does not include data we are required to keep for security, administrative or legal purposes.

Privacy Policy Updates

From time to time, we may make required changes to this Privacy Policy. Any changes to the Privacy Policy outlined above, as well as any new points added, will be announced on this website. Major changes will also be communicated via newsletters.

Contact Us

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