Hello, if you’ve reached this page you’re probably searching for info on how to start your very own NFT Marketplace, independent of all others, using WordPress.

We’re starting a video series to help non technical people & developers get a better understanding of our products and their features, and get started with NFTs.

We’re going to build an NFT marketplace with full functionality, from NFT minting to trading and also managing.

We’re going to build all of this from zero, on a WordPress base, using the products in our NFT Marketplace bundle. For that we will be using some of our own plugins.

We will be using Enefti – our WordPress NFT Marketplace theme, the latest theme for Cryptocurrency, for NFT Websites, Wallet Presentation websites, or any other Crypto and Trading related sites. It can be purchased exclusively from Envato Marketplace. It comes bundled with several demos for NFTs.

The theme is also good for making an affiliate website, and if you’re planning on only doing that you should probably stop watching this video and watch the one about affiliate websites.

As an essential addon we will use our NFT Creator

It’s useful for

  • Deploying NFTs to your wallet’s current network.
  • It’s Compatible with any blockchain that uses EVM and Solidity. Such as Polygon, ETH, BSC, etc.).
  • You can Restrict networks that you don’t want to deploy to.
  • You can Upload your user’s assets locally or leverage them to Moralis.
  • Most of all you can Automatically mint your first NFT.

Another important asset is the MetaMask Authenticator for WordPress & WooCommerce

  • You’ll have the possibility to Login and Register with one click by using a MetaMask wallet.
  • You can authorize the minting of NFTs by using the metamask wallet.
  • It Works with WordPress login forms & also with the login and register forms from WooCommerce.
  • It adds a MetaMask Login button below the login form and a MetaMask Register button below the registration form.
  • You can Link and Unlink a MetaMask account from your WooCommerce Account

So, there’s alot of information ahead so stay tuned! There’s also alot of updated information in the description, so check that out! 

We also have a video for you, right bellow!

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2 Replies to “Can you build an NFT Marketplace on WORDPRESS?”

i have puchased theme ,nft marketplace core , metamask and nft creator and I want to create a multi-vendor nft marketplace where anyone can register and post their NFT’s and if anyone purchases their nft then a few percent as a commission is credited to the admin account.

basically, I want to know what the process is how I add and create test networks and what is the whole process I’m confused about how all this will setup after purchasing all these plugins please help me with this I’m waiting for your positive responses thankyou

Hi Pawan,
Did you know that we have a dedicated help team to assist you with anything related to your purchased items? If not, please open a help ticket here https://modeltheme.ticksy.com/ and we will help you with any questions.
P.S: You can also post screenshots and website credentials on your private ticket to be easier for us to help you. Thank you!

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