ModelTheme Framework is the most important plugin that comes bundled with every single theme created by ModelTheme (Envato Elite Author / ThemeForest theme seller). Basically if you purchased a theme from our portfolio, or simply got a theme from Envato Elements (we also sell themes on Envato Elements – see portfolio) and does not have the ModelTheme framework, then you should check the documentation that comes with the theme and make sure that it is installed and activated before starting the development of your website.

ModelTheme Framework is actually the key feature of our themes. We all know that nowadays Envato WordPress requirements become more and more strict. This means that theme authors needs to bundle Plugin Territory Functionalities in a plugin, rather than putting them in the theme.

Plugin Territory Functionalities (According to Envato)

  • Analytics code
  • SEO options
  • Forms
  • Non-design related meta boxes
  • Resource caching
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Shortcodes
  • Widgets
  • Social media likefollow and, share buttons

If a submitted theme has one of the previous listed features in the theme, it most probably get rejected. The reviewers will let it know that one or more features needs to be added in a plugin.

Why in a plugin?

It makes sense, it really does! If a customer uses one of your themes and then it wants to switch to another one, non of the features listed above will not be removed or lost, because the plugin will remain installed, while the theme gets disabled, removed or changed.

Why is ModelTheme Framework so Important?

It is important because it contains key features such as: Shortcodes, Widgets, Metaboxes, Post types & custom taxonomies, Sharing buttons and the most important feature: the Redux Demo Importer. Demo Importer feature will assure you that you will be able to import all of the demo pages (including widgets, sliders and menus) with one click only.

modeltheme framework
If the ModelTheme Framework appears on Plugins as installed and active, then your website is ready for development.


So, if your theme (by ModelTheme) does not have one of the listed features, then most probably you didn’t installed the ModelTheme Framework.

If you have the plugin and need assistance or theme support, then you can contact us via: Ticksy Ticketing System (a valid item purchase key will be required in order to submit support tickets) or Contact form.

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Hi Raza and thanks for letting us know,

At this moment the ModelTheme Framework plugin used in the theme is at version v1.3. You should update it first of all and then let us know if you still have problems with it.

How to update it:

If you still have problems, you can submit a request to our help center ( and one of our agents will assist you. For an easier solution, please also describe the problem with as many details as you can (including screenshots).


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