We have reached so many milestones, and our project keeps growing every month. But we never thought that 2022 was going to be such a big year, and we are very proud to share all of this news with you today. We reached an important sales milestone, both in revenue and themes sold, and to celebrate that we are now an Envato Power Elite author.

$1,000,000 In sales on Envato Marketplace

We knew that this was one of our most ambitious objectives, but it is so much more rewarding when we look at this number and recap all the years of work that led to this awesome milestone. It is all thanks to you, and your trust in our themes. ModelTheme is a team of people, developing software for people that are trying to sell premium products to people.

With that in mind, we managed to overcome any obstacles, we received a lot of messages from you in the support section, and we helped a lot of entrepreneurs and companies to sell their products or services.

We reached $1,000,000 in sales thanks to our dedication, our professional approach, and our constant desire to grow. We had a lot of best sellers in various niches. From crypto to educational-based themes, we managed to prove to you and ourselves that we are capable of understanding your needs. Therefore, we thank you for being an awesome customer, and we thank our developers, managers, customer support specialists, and marketing team for doing a great job. Let the second million come because we have a lot prepared for the future!

We also reached 20.000 sales on Envato Marketplace

ModelTheme: Envato Power Elite Author

This is a first because we are also celebrating one of the fastest rises in our sales numbers, in terms of themes sold. Not so long ago we wrote about our 19K Sales on Envato Market pinpoint, and so quickly, we are now here with another 1000 sales that brought us to a milestone so important for us. With this milestone, we would like to show you some of our top-selling items:

Top 5 Themes:

Top 5 Plugins:

And because this is all thanks to you, we would like to show some appreciation for the top countries that you guys are coming from, and therefore the top countries that trusted our products.

countriesOur Envato Power Elite Profile new look!

Being one of those authors who surpasses the $1,000,000 mark, we will receive a new badge to add to our collection of 15. We are very excited that we also reached level 12 on the Envato Marketplace, but this is not everything.

Near our name, on our official profile page, we are tagged as a Power Elite Author, showing again how trustable we are as developers and sellers. So from now on, we are the same but with a new target, more motivated than ever marked as Elite, and with so many innovative projects in mind.

modeltheme power eliteSpeaking of Elite, you can now see us on the official Envato Power Elite Authors wall of fame, along with all the other powerful authors on the platform. We feel like we deserve it, and it feels so good to be recognized for our work.

Modeltheme`s Future Plans

We are celebrating the Envato Power Elite achievement milestone, but we simply cannot do this without giving you something in return for your trust. In the near future, our team will release a Brand New Theme Framework. This theme will be the core of all of our future Themes.

This is one of our biggest plans, and we are very happy to announce that from now on, we will be able to release way more innovative themes, with higher quality, better functionalities, and a more fluid user experience. The focus is and will be on the Quality of the themes and plugins,

Stay with us and follow our journey. Also, stay tuned for more projects!

Thank you for being here!

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