From the latest update published for the Numismatico theme, we introduced a new addon to convert the ICO posts to NFT posts. It is called ICO Switcher.

How to use the plugin:

Step 1: Purchase the plugin from here.

Step 2: Install and activate the plugin.

Step 3: Set the replacements from ICO to NFT or something else from the settings page of the plugin:


The results?

  • The plugin should replace all the words/labels or texts from the frontend (NFT instead of ICO);
  • The plugin will also change the slugs of the ICO posts (from /ico/ to /nft/)
  • The plugin will not change texts placed on pages from the page builder(these can be changed from the page builder).

Possible Problems:

  • After switching from ICO to NFT I get 404 errors on NFT pages and categories (Solution: Reset the permalinks).

Tutorial made for Numismatico & Cryptic themes:

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