This tutorial will only apply to the iBid WordPress Auctions Theme.

Replacing the “My Cart” header text on iBid auctions theme is pretty simple. Shortly, this modification will be done by replacing the template from the parent theme to your iBid Child Theme.

my cart ibid auctions theme

Step 1: Go to your parent theme at this location “wp-content/themes/ibid/templates/header-template1.php” fia FTP or cPanel;

Step 2: Copy the “header-template1.php” to your child theme, by keeping the same directory structore. The file needs to be copied in “ibid-child/templates/header-template1.php”;

Step 3: Open “header-template1.php” from your child theme using an editor (Notepad++, Sublime Text or cPanel code editor) and go to line #154. You will see this code:


Step 4: Simply replace the My Cart text to something else. In our example, we modified the text to: “My Basket”. Save the file and refresh the your site home page.

Final result:


This tutorial was made using the iBid Countdown Auctions demo.

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