In this example we will take as an example the Coinflip theme. It comes with multiple custom taxonomies for the Casinos, Slots, Bonuses or Bookmakers custom post types. Below it is a list of taxonomies. Each link example represent a taxonomy. The slugs will be written in bold font weight.


  • Categories:
  • Softwares:
  • Licences:
  • Languages:
  • Currencies:
  • Payment Methods:

In order to replace or override the slug from a taxonomy link, simply copy and paste this code in your functions.php, in your child theme:

In our example we’ve used the taxonomy Payment Methods:

  • Taxonomy name: ‘mt-listing-payment-methods’
  • Taxonomy slug: ‘payment-methods’

After adding the code into the site, the taxonomy name will remain the same, the slug (the link) will be changed from ‘payment-methods’ to ‘payment’.

How to get a taxonomy name:


Important: Reset the Permalinks after adding the code, in case you see 404 error when accessing the link.