You have to create a Contact Location first.

If you do not have any contact locations, the shortcode from your Contact page will not display anything.

If you have only on Contact Location, it will display that location in the middle of your map.

If you have multiple Contact Locations, the map will show all them with pin and will divide the distances between Location in order to show them all

So, to create a new Contact Location follow these steps:

1. On your Contact page, or where do you want to use the Modeltheme – Contact Location shortcode switch from the backend mode editor to Classic editor where you are using the Visual Composer plugin.


2. Now you can add shortcodes and build up your page. Coming back to how to use the Contact Location, just search for the contact shortcode:

3. Go on google maps, search your location and get the coordinates:


4. Go to your admin Dashboard > Contact Location > New:

Fill the coordonates in Contact Location Details

5. Click Publish/Update button and your contact location shortcode will look like this:

Hope this was helpful!

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