Simple Support System is a plugin used to provide email-based support to any Envato Author (WordPress theme sellers, plugin developers, freelancers, and more). It is bundled with the Wikb & Tikidocs themes.

Note: If the plugin is not installed or activated on your WordPress site, go to Appearance – Install plugins and install/activate it.

The plugin will auto-generate the required pages in order to run and will also generate the settings panel:


Create an Envato API Token here.

If you added a correct Envato API Token, then you are ready to go.

The plugin will generate multiple pages such as:


1. Register page – live demo on Wikb

This page will be used by customers to verify the purchase – only Envato item purchase code accepted. Where Is My Purchase Code?









2. Login page –  demo on Wikb

Used for login & also for registration purposes.



3. My Purchases pagelive demo on Wikb

Here, each customer can see their licenses and the status (active or expired support)



4. Submit ticket page/Create a ticket – live demo on Wikb

Used to submit new tickets – only valid licenses are allowed to submit tickets.


In this case, only Coinflip has an active support period.

Admins will get their tickets via email – from here, the support will be email-based.



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