This small tutorial will help you understand how to enable Proxy Bidding on iBid (as a shop manager or admin).


First of all, what is a proxy bidding auction?

A proxy bidding auction is an option where customers will set a max bidding price, and the system will raise the price when they get outbid by someone else. Basically a proxy bidding = auto bidding;

The first step is to access your WordPress dashboard, under products, and edit a product (or create a new one):


The proxy bidding option is a checkbox that needs to be enabled product-wide.


What happens on the front end (Product’s page)?

Let’s say customer number 1 sets a maximum bid to $1,995.00 (the notices will appear along with a notice for the maximum bid value):


Now, when any other customer will bid on this product, the bid value of the Customer #1 will be automatically raised with the value of the Bid increment option (set when adding a new product).


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