The new update for Numismatico ICO Listings WordPress theme has just been released; It comes with lots of new things, fixes and improvements; Full Change Log can be checked here. So, let’s get started; The main feature of this update are the new FREE vs Sponsored Listings + WooCommerce Integration to checkout the Sponsored Packages;

FREE & Sponsored ICO Listings

First of all, make sure that you have the following versions of theme & plugins, as follows:

  • Numismatico Theme: v1.3;
  • ModelTheme Framework: v1.3;
  • ModelTheme Listings Manager: v1.3;

The theme can be updated automatically by installing and using the official Envato Market plugin or manually by downloading the theme from your ThemeForest account; After upgrading the theme to v1.3 a notice will appear on your WordPress Admin Dashboard, telling you to upgrade the ModelTheme Framework & ModelTheme Listings Manager plugins;

Setting up Sponsored ICO Listings

Step 1: Create a WooCommerce Product; name it Sponsored ICO Listing, and set all the required options such as price, photo. etc.



Step 2: Now, Go to Theme Panel -> MT Listings Settings -> Sponsored Listing Package and set the ID of the product created previously, into the “Set WooCommerce Product ID for the Sponsored package feature” field (Learn how to get the WooCommerce Product ID):



Step 3: Set up the Pricing Tables. There will be needed two different Pricing Tables (One for the FREE Submission Package and a 2nd one for the Sponsored ICO Submission) If you just imported Demo Data, you should be able to view a new page in your Pages, named: Pricing Tables. This page contains the two tables already created by us.


Note: Sponsored Submission button should have as link something like: “” where the 4438 is the ID of the product created previously. Of course, you should also replace the domain with your own domain.

How the Sponsored ICO feature works;

If a customer purchases the product created (Sponsored Product – in WooCommerce), then it receives 1 Sponsored Submission slot into their account. (The slot will automatically be set if the product has been purchased by the customer).

The the customer already has a Sponsored Submission slot into their account, when the ICO submission will be made, it will be automatically be set as Sponsored; This feature allows site administrators to monetize even better their websites along with the MT AdPlaces added on v1.2 update of Numismatico Theme;

Sponsored vs FREE ICO Listing

Have Questions?

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