NFTs are here! Yes, it is all real. Start your own affiliate WooCommerce NFT Marketplace with just a few clicks, by purchasing our amazing toolset offer:

iBid NFT Marketplace – live demo.

iBid is the best-selling auction theme of all time and can be purchased exclusively from Envato Marketplace. It comes bundled with a demo for NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).

WooCommerce NFT Importer

  • Import NFT Listings from OpenSea (via OpenSea.io API).
  • Compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Import NFT in WooCommerce as affiliate/external products.

WordPress NFT Cards

  • List NFT Cards from OpenSea.io in realtime via the OpenSea API
  • Fast Loading Shortcodes, made with VueJS
  • Can be used on any page, post, or widget.
  • Compatible with any page builder (via shortcodes).
  • Compatible with any theme.
  • Perfect for NFT Affiliates (Send traffic to opensea.io from your website and earn commissions).

Addon for WCFM Marketplace

  • Let the WCFM Vendors import their favorite NFTs in your WCFM Marketplace store.
  • The NFTs will be imported as affiliate/external products.
  • Each vendor will set their own OpenSea affiliate ID and will start earning affiliate commissions.

Data Fetcher via Cronjob (Addon)

  • Addon for WooCommerce NFT Importer. It requires the core plugin in order to be used on WCFM.
  • Fetch NFT details in real-time via cronjobs.
  • Works with cPanel’s cronjobs or with EasyCron (external cronjobs service).

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