Have you ever thought how you can translate your passion for traveling in a visual and innovative way? Even if you are not a professional photographer or a good storyteller, your passion for traveling flows through your veins, and we’ve been thinking of an effective solution where you can expose your hobbies using the most advanced travel blog theme available to build the most attractive travel blog website.

Just as good in HTML

Travelogue is available for purchase now also in HTML. This is only if you are a programmer or a passionate coder and want to get in touch when it comes to your website. Travelogue is a Travel Blog Template that is able to organize all the activities you do on your travels in an attractive and colorful way.

Travel Website Gallery

It’s not easy to pass the emotions of a journey through words, especially when you really want to attract the attention of your audience. Generations now are no longer interested in long or boring words or texts, everyone wants to see quality pictures and photos. Using Travelogue as your Travel Blog WordPress Theme, you will be able to create special photo galleries for all your adventures. The gallery has a special feature, namely, filters for looking for pictures. You can add filters like Las Vegas and your readers will only be able to see the photos of your last Vegas trip! Does not it make it easier? Do not forget that for a lower price you can get the same services using the HTML version of Travelogue.

travel blog website

Blog Grid Pages

A grid will help you with positioning elements consistently across multiple pages. Think of it as the underlying skeleton of your site. Grids can be applied both vertically and horizontally, although defining horizontal grids is more common.

Additionally, we know that we will make use of a grid system later on when developing the frontend, so it makes even more sense to define a grid right upfront. We only touch the surface of grid systems and want to encourage you to dig deeper. Knowing about grids is great since you can apply the knowledge to almost anything that’s related to design and layout.  Travelogue has the ability to give you all this flexibility for your blog.

About / Contact Us

Just because it has an attractive design, it does not mean that Travelogue does not have all the features of a regular blog. Travelogue also contains Contact and About Us pages, perhaps even better built than regular blog pages. The Contact Us page is built from a four-step form. Your readers will have to write their name, email address, intent, and then detail the reason they are contacted. The menu is very easy to understand and very effective. Travelogue can meet all of the Travel Website styling requirements.

It will build a platform full of travel information ready to be delivered to your readers. It is also available in HTML. We wanted to create a method by which your website will be dedicated to 100% of a lifestyle that could only be projected through photography. We did not ignore the writing, and even, Travelogue has the functionality to create a blog. So we’ve managed to build a WordPress theme specializing in visual art perfect for your passion.

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