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You probably have heard way too many times about premium WordPress themes. Let us explain to you what they are and how can you use them.

A web page’s design is one of the most important elements of a successful website as it directly influences the user experience on the site. If the design is complicated and tiresome, the user will not be likely to spend too much on the website, and this is certainly not the desired result.

A good design will be easy to interact with and will allow each person simple navigation while helping them to quickly find what they want. This will create a familiar relationship between your business and your potential customers.

If you are looking for an easy way out and you want to create the perfect website at the same time, we will share our secret with you: purchasing premium WordPress themes from Themeforest will make your developing life much easier.

What is ThemeForest?

Themeforest marketplace is one of the most popular platforms where you can purchase premium WordPress themes. Launched in 2008,  its main objective was and still remains to this day to connect theme developers and potential buyers. ThemeForest is part of the Envato Market family (merged in 2014), which also includes the well-known WordPress plugins marketplace: CodeCanyon.

ThemeForest is the popular choice among web developers as it is the place where they can showcase their work best. Moreover, using this marketplace for exposure is the best way to increase revenues.

How does ThemeForest work?

The platform has a number of features that will make your research easier when it comes to finding a suitable theme for your new website.

First of all, ThemeForest is “equipped” with a search function that allows you to find themes using specific keywords. The available themes are divided into 14 general categories (business, blogging, eCommerce, etc.) representing the main areas of activity, giving you from the start the possibility to find exactly what you need.

Once you’ve done your initial search, ThemeForest will return a long list of relevant themes. Moreover, to help you narrow down the search results, you’ll be able to sort them based on five criteria:

  1. Top sellers
  2. The newest
  3. Best rated
  4. Trending
  5. Price

Of course, most of the time you do not have time to follow all the steps mentioned above. In this case, you can navigate directly to the most visited ThemeForest page or check the portfolios of the top authors.

How can you buy a premium WordPress theme?

After doing your research properly, as we mentioned before, you can settle down on one perfect for your needs premium WordPress theme. Add it to your cart and let the magic happen. When you click on check out, most of your difficult work is done. Now it’s the time for payment.

There are several options you can use to purchase the products you want:

  • Bank account or credit/debit card via PayPal
  • Skrill (available only to customers outside the US)
  • Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card
  • Envato credit (only existing credit, no other credit purchases available)

Take notice that you will only be able to pay by Envato credit if you already have an existing balance. The loans are non-repayable and have a validity period of one year.

How doesThemeForest make your work easier?

With an impressive amount of premium WordPress themes from thousands of authors, ThemeForest presents you with a portfolio of state-of-the-art themes with a futuristic design.

Most products published on the platform have multifunctional features. With a large number of options that can be customized according to your preferences and used with various aspects, Themeforest makes your work significantly easier when you are in the phase of designing a website. Whether you are a professional web developer or a beginner, installing a premium WordPress theme is just a piece of cake!

Moreover, the premium WordPress themes “come with various features included such as built-in, drag-and-drop, page builders, sliders, and image galleries. Also in terms of advantages, versatility is also an enabled feature, as themes can be used in almost any niche, this being a real help for digital agencies in the process of creating websites for their clients.

Initially, one of the major problems with buying a theme on ThemeForest was the lack of technical support. In general, when things do not go according to plan, the best option is to receive assistance from the author of the theme. However, for a long time ago, after-sales assistance was not mandatory, and customers generally received support only in the comments section.

This changed when Envato announced a new customer support policy. Authors may therefore choose to include a period of six months of technical support. Buyers also have the option to extend this period by a full year. Although this is a clear improvement from ThemeForest, such practices can still be confusing for customers. Most importantly, before buying a theme, make sure that you also receive assistance from the author.

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If you’ve used ThemeForest themes so far, can you tell us how much it has simplified your work? We are waiting for your answer in the comments section.


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