When you present someone with the opportunity to choose for a host on your platform, you often face reticence and restraint because a customer puts all the work in your hands and is so difficult to gain his trust. But how can you gain the customer to be quickly confident using your service?

5 Reasons why HostCluster is the best Solution for Hosting Websites

1. Attractive Price, Customer Support and Updates

Chasing the success of your business and offering superior quality services. This is what we had in mind when we developed HostCluster. A fast theme that will require no code from you with an awesome catchy theme panel. We are confident to say that using HostCluster as your WordPress Hosting Theme it will take no more than 60 seconds to get your business going.

There is nothing to prove here but we would love to see our customers happy and for a limited time, the price for HostCluster has now a great offer. Six months of professional global customer support and access to all our future updates for only $44(Don`t get excited, but the price can be even lower at this bare moment). Some of us love to say that a great service comes only from the heart.

2. More than 6 Different Homepages

Let’s start with the Most Wanted Home Main Demo. I mean, we don’t want to get cocky on this one but, you can actually build your entire website on this page. You can drive your customers into a carousel of services and tools that can be useful and will direct them to use your platform and buy your hosting services, so here are some details. With a beautiful domain name validation check search bar, hosting choices, cloud, web or hosting center, backups, firewall, data migration.

All these features will be available for your customers, but that is not all. HostCluster is a powerfull WHMCS WordPress Theme that includes DDOS protection services, data security, GDPR ready. HostCluster can even help you take the best decision for your domain name, even if you are a business, or an individual, or even a reseller.

Talking about that firewall service, your customer will be free to take the future of his website into his own hands because with HostCluster you can display up to three Private Dedicated Firewall packages, and so much more.


But this is just one of the 6 home pages that HostCluster can offer. Home VPN is also a page focused on a very important service that you can offer to your customers, I think the name speaks from itself. Video Home, Crypto Hosting and WHMCS Home Demos are coming as good as every home page described before, but we will talk later about the last one because, a Server WordPress Theme like HostCluster comes with a marvelous WHMCS bridge plugin.

3. Sell Hosting Packages & Domains with WHMCS Bridge Plugin

Like any other good entrepreneurs, your business is your child and you don’t want it to grow without control, but in the same time the less is the work, the better. HostCluster comes with a WHMCS Bridge Plugin that is compatible with the most web hosting platforms.

The plugin itself can take care of billing, provisions, support, only so you can have more time focusing on more important factors of your business. Your customers will be able to register their WHMCS domains or transfer them using different pages that HostCluster can provide. All these services are build up on a very good looking WHMCS Home Demo.

4. You Gotta Love Details

When you take a first look at HostCluster, from a bigger picture, everything looks absolutely gorgeous, but when you go deep inside its features and categories and all those ways you can use to deliver information, well, that is when HostCluster gets spicy.

We cannot think at a better way to send fresh and professional information to your customers or your readers, than a blog. Yes, HostCluster comes with this feature. In only one secondary category, our WordPress Hosting Theme can give the impression like you are receiving 2 themes in one.


The “Contact” page is also a small but big detail that we focused on. And we can keep describing features that HostCluster has to offer all day long.

5. Ongoing Support

We put this to the end of the list but it can fit so well as the first. After purchasing HostCluster, you will instantly benefit from a 6 full months of support from our team. But we always want to give you more than you expect so we added the option of paying another $12 for 12 months extension. Tell me this is not a good deal.

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