iBid is by far the most known auctions theme for WordPress, with +1050 active customers (February 2021). Because we have received lots of requests from our customers for a Freelancer.com like mode, here we are. Freelancer Mode for iBid is now a real thing. Freelancer Mode is powered by our internal plugin (MT Freelancer Mode) – at this moment it is optimized to run only with the iBid theme.

MT Freelancer Mode for iBid (plugin)

iBid Freelancer demo is the newest theme demo added by our developers and it is included in the version v2.8 update.  With MT Freelancer Mode you will add extra modifications to the iBid theme, such as:

  • Employers (vendor) page template – live demo.
  • Freelancers page template – live demo.
  • Freelancer custom fields.
  • Freelancer profile pages.
  • Custom styling for product page (project page) – live demo.
  • Custom bidding message field for freelancers – on single project page.
  • Replacements for login/register popup/page for: ‘Freelancer’ instead of ‘Customer’. ‘Employer’ instead of ‘Vendor’, and more.
  • Online Documentation – learn how to install and setup here.

Project Page

In iBid, a project page is a product page. The top area of page will contain details regarding the employer who added the project, bidding details (current bid value), time remaining until the auction ends, current bid value, category, project skills (tags), the unique code of the project and more. We also added a custom text area where freelancers can submit details for their offer. The employer will be able to see the notes added by the freelancer directly on the dashboard (WP dashboard).


We also added a functionality for vendors (employers), to include a project brief (pdf, doc). The purpose of this field is to present the project in detail, in order to get accurate bids on the project. On this page you can find other important details of the project such as: Description, the list of bids, additional details of the project, and more.


With iBid, freelancer’s name ca be hidden by the admin with just a single click. Our theme panel comes with an option to customize this section.

A project page is considered a reverse auction product. The reverse auction option can be enabled product wise, by the vendor. At this moment the lowest offer will win the auction / the project.

Freelancers Page Template

Our latest updated bundles a new page template to list all of the freelancers from the platform. A freelancer = a registered user having the “customer” role.

This page template will interests for employers, such as: job experience, hourly rate, job position, freelancer name, photography and a small description.

ibid-freelancersSingle Freelancer Profile Page

With the help of the MT Freelancer Mode for iBid plugin, freelancers will have their own user profile (public profiles). We also added a quick link to easily navigate to your own public profile and see how it looks like. A freelancer’s profile will only be listed on the freelancers page template if the role of the user is “customer”.

Each public profile also contains a section for “Past Work”. Basically this section will list all of the auctions won by the freelancer.


Freelancer Custom Fields

We added a list of custom fields for freelancers. The fields can be changed from the account – The “Account details” tab contains all of the new fields.

The newly added fields: Job Position, Job Experience, Fee per hour, A few words about you, Location, Website, Your Skills (separated with spaces). Freelancers will also be able to link their Facebook & Twitter profiles as well as their portfolio website url.

Note: The fields will only be visible here, if the MT Freelancer Mode plugin is active.

MT Freelancer Mode Shortcodes

At this moment the MT Freelancer mode plugin bundles two different shortcodes that can be used as text shortcodes or by using them in the WPBakery page builder. Learn more here.

Product Views

Our latest update of the iBid theme, also included a feature for visitors, to see the number of views for each project (product):


How It Works

In order to setup the new demo + the new plugin and start your own freelancer like website, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Install iBid theme + the auction plugin (bundled with the theme) – video tutorial.
  2. Import Freelancer demo: If you have the latest update of the theme (v2.8), you now be able to see the Freelancer demo into the theme panel and import it.
  3. Install MT Freelancer mode plugin -> from Appearance – Install plugins.
  4. Create a Freelancers page and set the page template to “Freelancers List” – instructions. (the same page template will be used for single freelancer public profile view)
  5. Enable Registrations (vendor/employer & customer/freelancer) – instructions.
  6. Possibility to disable payments – admins can disable the payment feature.
  7. Now employers can register and post projects (admins will approve vendors and their projects/products).
  8. Freelancers will register and bid on projects
    1. For reverse bidding projects – the smallest bid value will win the project.
    2. For normal bidding projects – the highest bid value will win the project.
  9. After winning a project, the freelancer and the employer can communicate and start the collaboration.

MT Freelancer Mode Roadmap

We will not stop here. We understand the need of some key features of this niche and will introduce them in the next updates. Some features like “Pay on registration”, “Pay on bid”, “Employer’s credits”, “Monthly subscriptions” will be added in the future.

Manual pick of a winner/freelancer: This feature is not included yet. We are working on it.

Attachments for Marketplaces: This feature is not included yet. We are working on it (the next update will cover this feature for Dokan, WCFM, WCMp & WC Vendors).

List of bids for Marketplaces: Only admin are now able to see bid notes (marketplace compatibility will be added soon).

A way to pay the freelancers: We are looking for a solution for employers to pay the freelancers.

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