Having an online presence in today’s world is a must for anyone with access to the internet. Whether we’re talking about your job, a hobby or just leisure activities, you’re going to want to list them online. Now, if one of these hobbies or your job include cooking, being a foodie or rating different types of dishes, here is the perfect for you: build yourself a website with the perfect theme: FoodHub theme from ModelTheme. This is the best recipe WordPress Theme and here’s a list of reasons why you should choose it.

A theme for food bloggers and online recipes

If you can proudly say that your recipes are the best, the most delicious and the most savory, then you probably are in need of a blog. FoodHub is the perfect recipe WordPress theme that you can use to develop the greatest food blog. Share your recipes with everyone on the internet. Let them know how good of a chef you are.

However, if you are a foodie that writes reviews about different types of food you try, you can use this theme as well. Having a variety of features, it is easy to use and adaptable for any kind of food blog you want to have.

FoodHub is one of the best recipe WordPress Theme

We’ve talked a lot about who can use this theme, but it’s time to talk about the whys. In the paragraphs below we’ll list all the reasons why you should choose this recipe WordPress Theme. 

ModelTheme Listings Manager

Compatible with the ModelTheme Listings Manager plugin, this recipe WordPress Theme allows you to customize the grids from homepage (or any other relevant page), to create interactive grids in single recipe pages and to generate special forms for the search functions.


Recipe Grids

We hope you want your website to be unique, therefore we have prepared a variety of recipe grids you can choose from so that you can create the perfect design for your blog.

Search Forms

What makes a website user friendly? The ease of use of all its features! We have integrated an effortless search form that your visitors can use easily by searching by keyword or by category of recipe. And as all search bars should be, it is placed right on the homepage.


*Search forms are also placed on taxonomy (recipe category pages) – Category pages comes in two different page layouts. The first one with the search form filters on the left side and a second one with the filters on top of the recipes grid.

Mailchimp Compatibility

Newsletter campaigns are the key in maintaining your visitors loyal. With Mailchimp integration, you can automatically register subscribers to your newsletter and use that info to send your latest recipes or reviews by email.

Video Recipes

Pictures can’t do enough justice to a great dish; this is why with FoodHub you have the possibility of uploading videos of your recipes so you can let your visitors see how delicious and good looking they are.


Printing Recipes

We know that among your audience there are people that are old school. This is why you benefit from a printing function that allows your users to download and print every recipe you post. As a bonus, you can configure this page however you want. While on printing view, page elements can be disabled or enabled with just a few clicks, in order to print only the elements you need.

The Print Options box contains configurable options such as: Title, Description, Information, Featured Image, Ingredients, Instructions, Instructions Images.

Embed Recipe on any website

A Recipe WordPress Theme wouldn’t be the perfect theme if it didn’t allow you to embed your recipes on other websites. Whether we’re talking about link building or affiliate programs, you can post your recipes on other websites by copying the automatically generated embed code so your magic doesn’t remain solely on a single blog. Below we’ve embedded a real recipe from our Foodhub’s live demo:

Recipe Reviews

Yummy yum or yuck eww? Users will be able to rate your recipes giving them the much deserved 5 stars or the disappointing 1 star rate. Better hope your dishes elevate to the greatest standards of taste. Take note that you can let your visitors offer you reviews on multiple topics such as time of preparation, taste, difficulty and so on.


WooCommerce Shop

Do you want to sell your magic? Well, the WooCommerce Shop feature lets you post your products and sell them to your visitors. A blog with e-commerce features, what else can you ask for? Choose FoodHub as your recipe WordPress theme.

Recipes A-Z

Our designers came in with an amazing idea: Listing the recipes in a A-Z Online Catalog. This catalog will automatically list the recipes in alphabetical order when used as a shortcode.

Chef Profiles

In FoodHub, any users with approved recipes is called a chef. Basically with our theme, you can become a chef in no time. We forgot to mention the fact that vendors can register, have their own account and submit recipes directly from the frontend view. Chefs has their own public profile, with details such as social media links, profile photo, a list of approved recipes, reviews and ratings.



Theme Documentation

FoodHub’s theme documentation cover basic and extensive installation and how to use steps. Right now it is available online and also offline.

Multiple Theme Demos

Foodhub theme comes with multiple theme demos, ready to use/import directly from the theme panel. With one single click you can get a quick start recipes website.

3+ Theme Demos

Main Demo
Main Demo

Home Recipes


Vegan Home


Slider Home


The list of features for this recipe WordPress theme is long and comprehensive. We’ll let you discover them by purchasing it here.

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