This tutorial shows how to resolve the “Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” error while installing a theme in WordPress.

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

Why does it happen?

  • Usually, this error appears when you are installing the wrong theme zip file.
  • The .zip archive file is incomplete or corrupted, due to incomplete download (This situation is pretty rare).
  • Non-WordPress Theme: When the zip file uploaded is not a WordPress theme.

How can it be fixed?

Step 1: Unzip the archive downloaded from ThemeForest. For example, if you downloaded the Oklahoma theme, after unzipping the archive you will have the following folder structure:

unzip theme

Step 2: The correct file that needs to be uploaded in WordPress, in order for the theme to be properly installed, is the archive, inside the /theme/ folder.

Step 3: After installation, you can also install the archive (It is the child theme for Oklahoma theme).

Note: If you are using any other theme from ModelTheme, the folder structure will be the same.

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