We are not ashamed to say that we are a team of working people who dedicate every day the time and resources to create some professional tools for successful businesses. The beginning of 2019 meant a lot for the ModelTheme team, and the news of the launch of the new WordPress text editor, Gutenberg, enjoyed us, but it also motivated us to embark on the biggest improvement project we have made ever.

Since Gutenberg’s launch, we have been working continuously to bring all our projects to the same level as our customers deserve to be. Thus, after 10 weeks of work, all over our 50 WordPress themes meet all WP Requirements Compliant, including Gutenberg.

WP Requirements Compliant Envato Badge

When we found out that Envato made a public announcement about the WP Badge, we knew that this is a serious thing. Now all of our themes ensure you that all WordPress core blocks are styled to match the design of the theme/demos.

All of our themes, even the ones we developed 5 years ago will ensure that there will be no more console errors coming from the Gutenberg implementation. Gutenberg will work smooth with no errors.

We wanted to offer a great user experience for our clients, so we added a color palette to the editor and we developed the classes that apply the colors in different contexts.

We can say that today, all of our themes meet the WP Requirements Compliant and we received the WP badge from Envato. We are very happy that after a long period of hard work, we finally proved that we are more than a team of developers, we are a team of experts, a team full of qualified people and our purpose is to deliver high-quality products to our clients.

envato wp compliant badge
The moment, Envato awarded the badge to our account!


What we wanted to do was to do more. These requirements were compulsory for every Envato seller. In addition to those requirements, we are now offering support for the Gutenberg Editor. Any question that you may have regarding Gutenberg, feel free to seek our help.

All of our 50+ WordPress Themes are up to date. Everything is working perfect, no errors, no additional coding is necessary. Your websites will load faster, Gutenberg will work smooth and everything will take so much less time. Like we said before, Even our themes from four years ago are optimized to meet all the 2019 WP Requirements.

We think that we did something extraordinary. We no longer have old themes and we managed to bring all of our projects to the same level of quality.

modeltheme wordpress portfolio
If you want to check out our work or our WordPress Themes, do not hesitate to go and take a look at our ThemeForest Portofolio.

More than that, we managed to move every single shortcode, every single widget and every single form into our own ModelTheme Framework plug-in. We are very happy that we achieved a level of performance that not many sellers can achieve. We feel proud and we cannot wait to start to develop more premium quality products for you.

Thank you for your support. With love, ModelTheme.

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