Here we are, closer to getting our NFT marketplace configured and running at full capacity. 

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As you recall from our previous article we started with a clean WordPress installation, we installed the Enefti Theme and the Enefti.core addon, after which we configured the Enefti.core addon with a blockchain network and a smart contract.

Next thing to do is to install and configure the rest of the addons needed. The first one is the Metamask Authenticator Plugin.

In our dashboard we look for the “Plugin” tab in the left sidebar, and click on the Add New.

Then we head to the top of the page and click on the “Upload Plugin” button. After we click on the “Choose File” button a file browser window will open and we navigate to the location where we downloaded the plugin.

We extract the “mt-metamask-auth-package” file to a new folder. In the new extracted folder we look for the “Plugin” folder. That’s where our plugin resides. Click on it and then on the open button.

Next click on the “Install Now” button. Once we get the “Plugin installed successfully” prompt we click on the “Activate Plugin” button.

We check the plugin list to see if it’s correctly activated and at the bottom of the left sidebar we find the configuration options under MT Plugins – Metamask Authentication. MT stands for ModelTheme.

The good news is that the plugin is 100 % compatible with the Enefti.core addon and no configuration is necessary. 

The next plugin we need to install is the NFT creator plugin.

So, on the left side bar, we head over to the “Plugins – Add New” tab, then click once more on the “Upload Plugin” button.

Next click on the “Choose File” button, browse to the folder where we downloaded the WordPress NFT creator plugin from codecanyon, extract the “wrdpress_nft_creator_package.zip to a new folder, and browse to the Plugin folder.

Select the wpnc.zip and click on the Open button, followed by the “Install Now” button.

We proceed to activate this plugin as well and then we check the list to confirm it is indeed activated.

The configuration page for the plugin, because the NFT Creator plugin does need to be configured, is in the now familiar “MT Plugins” tab in the left sidebar. 

We activate the “Restrict only to users connected to metamask” option and both the events in the list, next we click on the “Save” button.

A prompt will confirm the success of the operation.

The next step is to configure the contract. To do that we’ll head over to the documentation. 

Once here we scroll down to the “Plugin Setup” section.

There we find the “Default contract” and the “Default Pre-compiled contract” which we will place in our settings, the field also suggest this.

So click the link and in the newly opened page we select all the content with “Ctrl + A” (or “Cmd + A” on a Mac), copy the selected text and paste it into the “Compiled NFT contract” field in the settings page of the NFT Creator plugin.

Next click the save button and a prompt will appear confirming again the success of the operation. 

So now head over to “Pages” tab in the sidebar, to the “All Pages” and find the “Create digital Asset” one. 

Click on the “View” option and a new tab will open.

So now, because we activated the option to only work if authenticated with a metamask wallet, we have to authenticate.

So we click on the “Link account to Metamask” button, in the metamask widget put in your password and click “Unlock”.

A few seconds later a sign prompt appears and we proceed with the signing process in order to authenticate.

The page will refresh and the NFT creator will load.

Now you’re good to go. The marketplace is fully configured.

In the next article  you’ll learn how to mint, list and sell NFTs and you’ll be one step closer to having a fully functional NFT Marketplace right there, on your website, with our sollutions.

In the meanwhile you can also watch this video to have a visual representation of what I just described.

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