We’re continuing our article series on creating an NFT marketplace on WordPress using the Enefti Theme, the Enefti Marketplace Core addon and the NFT Creator plugin as well as the Metamask Authenticator plugin.

Today we will be installing the Enefti Marketplace Core, the addon that makes all the magic happen. So let’s get to it!

We’re starting with a wordpress installation on which we installed and activated the Enefti theme. So for the next step head over to the plugins tab and click on the Add new. Click on the “upload plugin” button at the top and then on the “choose file”. Browse to the location where you downloaded the plugin from codecanyon and  click on the nft-marketplace-core.zip . Double click on it or just hit the open button, then click the “install now” button.

A few seconds later we see the “plugin installed successfully” prompt and we then proceed to  activate it.

A new option appears in the sidebar, called NFT Marketplace core, so let’s activate the license in order to get full functionality. Head over to the “Licenses Manager”, paste in the code from the codecanyon license file, tick the agree checkbox and then click the Activate button.

Once that’s done a message will appear confirming that the plugin is indeed activated. We’re now going to generate an Envato API Token to get automatic updates for the andons and themes.

The process is fairly simple: firs you click the link, a new tab opens, give the token a name, make sure the correct permissions are activated, check the Terms and Conditions checkbox and then click on the “create token” button. Now just copy the token code and paste it in the token field in your website’s back end (it should be in the next opened tab to the left) . Now click the “save changes” button.

Yo’ull get a message confirming success and then, on the plugin tab you can see all the ModelTheme plugins in one place as well as, in the theme tab, all the themes compatible with the Enefti.Core addon.

So there you have it, you’re one step closer to your very own NFT marketplace built with WordPress and the ModelTheme plugins and themes.

See you in the next tutorial where you’ll learn how to create a blockchain and how to properly set up the Enefti.Core, Cheers!

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