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Enefti Marketplace Core Addon got a major update!

Our NFT MarketPlace Core addon has received  a substantial update and is now in version 2, 2.2 being out as we speak.

So there are quite a lot of new features that many of our users have been requesting and that you might be excited about, I know we are! So let’s just dive into it:

We’ve added more standards!

The most important part being the ability to use Custom ERC-20/BEP-20 Tokens when deploying contracts to the blockchain. 

If you’ve done some research in the field you already know what they are, but for our not so savvy users here’s what you need to know:

The ERC-20 standard, first used in 2015, uses the Ethereum network and is used for fungible tokens, this means that these tokens can be exchanged for others.

For example, according to Ethereum.com, Tokens can represent virtually anything in Ethereum:

  • reputation points in an online platform
  • skills of a character in a game
  • lottery tickets
  • financial assets like a share in a company
  • a fiat currency like USD
  • an ounce of gold

And that’s just a small part of what can be done.

The BEP-20 standard , it’s built upon the ERC-20 standard but it’s backed by the mighty Binance and, as a consequence, is compatible with pretty much all wallets. One key takeaway from these two standards is that using the ERC-20 costs more in terms of gas fees, takes longer to be validated buuuuut it’s much safer. Whichever one you want to use, make sure that you do your due diligence and research very carefully beforehand. 

I’ve told you that we support more standards so another one is ERC-721, this one is fully supported since the earlier versions of the addon. 

Ethereum.com tells us about this standard that It provides functionalities like

  • to transfer tokens from one account to another, 
  • to get the current token balance of an account, 
  • to get the owner of a specific token and also the total supply of the token available on the network. 
  • Besides these it also has some other functionalities like to approve that an amount of token from an account can be moved by a third party account.

It’s a pretty cool standard, and one that has totally shaped the way we use NFTS.

Another  standard that we support, at the moment just partially but the next update should fix that, is the ERC-1151 standard. It’s what we would call a Multi Token standard. In essence the ERC-1155 token can do the same functions as an ERC-20 and ERC-721 token, and even both at the same time, making it more efficient. 

Another standard our team is working on is the ERC-4907 standard. It will be available in the new update. This standard is for RENTING nfts. Can you believe this? It enables nfts ownership to automagicaly pass back to the original owner once the lease time pases. It’s a really interesting standard and I urge you to look it up. 

Leave the “Slug” field free, it will be automatically generated when we complete the process, the same with the “Parent item” dropdown.

The description field is optional but I do encourage you to use it to tell your future self what you intended to do. You can also use an image to identify the network, which I think is cool for visual people like myself.

Besides these important standards the NFT Marketplace core addon now allows you to have  a “Make an offer” button that let’s users submit their offers. If the NFT owner approves, the sale is made and the NFT passes from one wallet to another.

With this new update you also get the option to Unlock hidden content. So after the purchase of the NFT your buyer can access the hidden feature, that can be an image, a video, an audio file or a pdf containing information.

One more thing you can do now is to hide explicit content or NFTs. It’s a great feature for when you want to restrict access to sensitive content.

Because there have been a lot of requests we now have faster auditing of the contracts provided by thirdweb.com. This means you can have vetted and certified smart contracts without having to worry about the specifics and you can start deploying your NFT marketplace faster. 

We’ve also vastly improved the NFT listing process with an overview table of your NFT details, we’ve made it easier to cancel your listing if you’re not happy with it, made “limited listing time” available so that  you can have nfts available for a predetermined of time and, last but not least we’ve made it possible to sell multiple NFTs in one transaction so your clients can grab as manny NFTs they want without fearing they might miss out.

These are the most notable changes that we’ve made to the Enefti Marketplace Core but the addon is packed with features and, knowing our development team, will be updated with even more.

I also made a video showing you all the changes and how they look.

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