Finding a suitable user-friendly Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme for your website can be rough. Fortunately, Cryptic could be all you need for a high reward professional platform that drives your users with just a touch, into the depths of cryptocurrency exchange, encouraging them to use your website. Stick with us to find why Cryptic is one of the most used crypto wordpress theme.

Now available with v2.5 update, Cryptic WordPress Theme will satisfy all of your requirements, and by that, we mean all of them. Cryptic 2.5 is coming with an astonishing new feature. The BITCOIN EXPLORER. This allows you to search and explore any kind of Hashes, Bitcoin Adresses and Transactions only with one click. This feature will transform your hours of market research into a kid’s job, helping you focus on more important parts of your business.


We know that the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) is also a very important part of your website starting this year. With this Crypto WordPress Theme you don’t have to worry about GDPR anymore. We worked hard so you can enjoy the comfort that Cryptic brings with it regarding GDPR. Especially in this field of cryptocurrency, the rules of GDPR can also be rough.

We have spoken with a lot of project members about this regulation and we came with the best solution for a cryptocurrency GDPR 100% functional to keep your business away from any concern.


This is not even close to what Cryptic has to offer. Following this summer update, you can now please your hunger for a professional look using the new Landing Page for Initial Coin Offering. Let your contributors now everything about your ICO. A very fluid clock timer will be always displayed permanently on the top of the page keeping your partners informed about your next step.

Between a lot of sections fileld up with information about your ICO, a Token Distrbution and Pre-sale graphic is also included. You can promote your marketing and developing team with profile pictures on the first page, add videos, „How it works section” and many more.


Do you know what we love the most about cryptocurrency? Experts. Maybe you are an expert and just a simple theme is not enough for you. Well, again, here is why over 1100 entrepreneurs chose to use Cryptic. As an expert, you can use the blog that Cryptic comes with to share the information and advices you know with your audience and users. With a simplistic but catchy design, the „crypto blog”, how we like to call it, is a perfect tool for you, and an easy way to push some thoughts and information towards your audience. Crypto Tickers, Blog News, Live Crypto values and prices, Recent posts, Latest posts, Popular posts, are just some of the features that you can enjoy posting on your crypto blog.


All being said, this is not even half of what Cryptic WordPress Theme has to offer. If you want to find out more about our work, or you are interested in how Cryptic can help your business, you can buy the theme from here(insert hyperlink). Or if you have questions for our team, we will help you with anything you need. Stay crypto!

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