Ever wondered what are content protection plugins and why should you use them? Well, the answer is quite simple. A content protection plugin helps you protect the content of your website from theft and copyright infringement. Now, content is precious and every creator knows that. If you are a photographer, a designer, an artist, or just a person that likes to write creative copy, then your website needs this kind of plugin.

We have prepared a list for you, that contains the 4 best content protection plugins.

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

Over 600 reviews transform this content protection plugin into the right solution for your website. It comes with a few basic and very useful features. Such as: protecting the content from selection and copy; forbids saving images from the site; no right-click menu; disables key combinations like CTRL+A, CTRL+X, CTRL+C; shows alerts when trying to save or right an image.

One big disadvantage would be the usability on mobile and tablet devices which is non-existent, but, if your analytics shows that most of your visitors come from desktop devices, then you should not worry.

Passster – Password Protection

Passster is a content protection plugin that uses passwords to make everything easier. This plugin offers a complete solution for WordPress Websites that have WooCommerce integrated. Some of its key features are global protection, page protection, and partial protection. To summarize, this plugin allows you to set up global protection for an entire page or post, single pages protection, or a password for certain content.

We recommend you to use this plugin only if you have on your website some content that can be shared with a certain amount of people that will also have the required password.

WP Content Copy Protection

An easy method to protect the inside (and insights) of your website, is what you need. And someone thought of a solution for you. You should check out the WP Content Copy Protection plugin. This is a content protection plugin that disables all the ways a user could copy your content, i.e.: right-click, image drag/drop/save, text selection/drag/drop, source code viewing, and keyboard copy shortcut keys.

Copyright proof

This is not the usual content protection plugin, but this will help you protect your content against copyright infringement. By using this plugin you can add a copyright digital note at the bottom of your content. This note is a digitally signed and time-stamped certificate. As a bonus, this plugin has an option of recording ip addresses of attempted thieves so you can block them later.


Each of these plugins is useful and they are definitely a must for any WordPress website out there. Protect your website by using them and you won’t regret it. We recommend you to study them and choose the one that fits your website’s needs best. If none of these plugins are of your liking, then you should find out that there is a whole category on wordpress.org that contains all kinds of content protection plugins. We’re sure you will find something suitable for your website, your domain, and your expertise here.

Do note that there is not one single plugin that will meet all your requirements but there are close plugins. Find them by using the right searching tools.

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