There are no perfect themes, but there is the best Casino Affiliate WordPress Theme, we present you Coinflip, a theme especially designed for affiliates and created by ModelTheme. When you say Coinflip, you say compactness, ease of use, adaptability and creativity. If you are one that makes commissions out of referrals for casinos and gambling websites, this theme is for you. This extensive Coinflip Theme Review will guide you through reasons why you should use Coinflip for your next Casino Affiliate project.

Coinflip Theme Review for Affiliates

As mentioned before, this theme is for the ones that are referring casinos and gambling websites. Meaning, it is built to help you generate more references for the sole purpose of getting a commission out of it. Starting from the home page, you can list the main casinos you affiliate with and add your referral links straight on the banners or buttons.

Casino Listings

No website can be fully complete without proper details of what it is selling or offering. This is why with Coinflip you have the possibility of listing all the necessary information for casinos. You have the choice of sorting them by categories, software, payment methods, language or any other criteria you prefer. Check out this Casino Single Page example.

For each casino you affiliate with, you can create a custom page with description, banners and everything else you think you need to attract referrals. Nevertheless, you can also create a single page with all the casinos. You decide how you design your website.

Coinflip comes with with lots of shortcodes (grid and list views) for casinos. All of them can be used in any page or post, by using the most compact and user friendly page builder, WPBakery.

Casino Taxonomy Page

Slots Listings

We bet you would like to have all the classic slot games in your website, and not only this. Whether you want your audience to ease into fruit slots, video slots or any modern type of them, you can list them fully on your website. Like this you can become the master of casino affiliates.

Coinflip Theme Review: Slots Taxonomy Page

Casino Bonuses

As an experienced affiliate, you know the casinos are offering bonuses for the most avid players. We have prepared a fully customizable page where you can list all the bonuses offered by the casinos you affiliate with. And if that is not enough, you can create single pages for each bonus apart, where you describe everything needed to know about acquiring this type of bonus in detail. Casino Bonuses can be categorized and every single category will get its own link.


Casino Bonuses Taxonomy Page


Casinos and Gambling do not come in one single shape. There are multiple ways people can win money by. We understand that, therefore we’ve also created the possibility of listing the bookmakers you affiliate with. We’ve given you and your audience the choice: whether you want to list more games, whether they like to play more games, it is up to you.

Bookmakers can have multiple taxonomies attached. With the help of the taxonomies, your visitors will be able to get to your advertised bookmakers faster. List of available bookmaker taxonomies: Categories, Softwares, Deposit Methods, Withdrawal Methods, Withdrawal Limits & Restricted Countries. 

Forums (via bbPress)

Would you like to create a community around your website? Say no more. You can create a forum on your website, where people can keep in touch, ask questions, receive answers and just casually post and talk. bbPress is the most known and powerful forums plugin and is free to use, for everyone. Our Coinflip Theme Review covers this key feature since it was request by a lot of customers. 


Offer your audience all the details about what they can do on your website, about all the technical terms from the casino and gambling field, about how the games work, and about how they can acquire the bonuses. You can do this by creating the knowledgebase page.

Casino Compare

Our internal plugin “ModelTheme Compare” is included in the package, for free. The power of choice is a very important tool you can give to your audience. By integrating the casino comparison option, you can let them choose which casino they would like to play at. For the moment, you can only compare two casinos at once. See differences between casinos face to face with just a few clicks.

WooCommerce Lottery

Giveaway, contest, prizes, lottery etc. in a few simple words: free or almost free stuff. Everyone loves, wants, appreciates them. If you have the possibility to give them something like this, you can do it by using the lottery page. Based on WooCommerce, you can list the products you want to submit for the lottery and let people choose which one they would like to try their chances for.

MT Mega Menu

A fully customizable menu means that you can build a very intuitive menu for your visitors. With Coinflip you can achieve that. Arrange your menu just the way you like it.


+34 Custom WordPress Hooks

We’ve added lots of hooks in all of our custom templates. If you don’t know what is a hook and how can be used, please take a look at this tutorial. Our developers added +32 hooks. Read more in our Coinflip theme documentation.

Made by ModelTheme – Elite Author on Envato Marketplace

Coinflip the Casino Affiliate & Gambling WordPress Theme, is created by us, ModelTheme. We are an Envato Marketplace certified Elite Author, with more than half a million dollars in sales. Check our ThemeForest Portfolio.

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hi is there any option to link the betfare api sources with this application.
can you please tell me how i can link the api with this website ?

we want to fetch all data from betfare api to our website

or can you please create us the API plugin of betfare.

Hi. The page speed is influenced by multiple factors such as: image quality, cache, minify, combine of the JS, CSS. In our live demo we don’t have the requests cached or minified.

The regular license contains all the features. There is only an end usage difference between the regular and the extended license. If you have problems with the theme and need some advice, please open a help ticket here.

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