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WordPress NFT Creator Changelog

Version v1.2.0 Date: 05/20/2022

The contract has been updated, the old contract is incompatible with this version. Please change the compiled contract inside your settings. (you can find the contract inside the documentation)  
  • New Compatibility with the NFT Core
  • New JSON Check in admin
  • New New Contract that (THE CONTRACT, not the plugin, supports Opensea/Hidden Content/Mint Pause/Max Supply etc.)
  • New Calculate Blockchain gas fees
  • New Provided more useful errors
  • New Upload the images after the NFT has been created
  • New Multiple parameters inside constructors
  • New Upload NFTs inside custom folders
  • Fixed Upload warning not showing up

Version v1.1.0 Date: 03/31/2022

  • New Redesigned admin panel
  • New Login with MetaMask to submit NFTs (Get/See addon).
  • New Added Option to disable minting after contract creation
  • New Added Events (do_action) before and after creating an NFT
  • Fixed "Contract is required" error in the admin panel
  • Fixed Moralis IPFS upload not working
  • Fixed Scrolling at the top of the page on submit. Now it is scrolling to the plugin's header.
  • Fixed Sometimes the calculated price was showing as {} instead of Loading...
  • Fixed Creator crashing the Qwebsite sometimes