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MT WooCommerce Fake Variation Links Changelog

Version v1.2 Date: 11/29/2022

  • New Added "Ajax Search" while searching the products to add variations.
  • New Added "Ajax Search: search by product title" in the select2 (admin dashboard).
  • New Added "Ajax Search: search by SKU" in the select2 (admin dashboard).

Version v1.1.6 Date: 08/10/2021

  • New Added "Product SKU" column in the export .csv file.
  • New Added "Fake Variation Product SKU" column in the export .csv file.
  • New Users can now import Fake variations using the Products SKU instead of the Product ID, the same with the Fake Variation Product ID.

Version v1.1.5 Date: 05/24/2021

  • Fixed Fixed loading global product in single product page.
  • Fixed Prevented default action on auxclick on disabled variations link.

Version v1.1.4 Date: 05/21/2021

  • Fixed Changed the method in which the product id is provided on the single product page as it was not accepted by some WordPress themes.

Version v1.1.3 Date: 05/18/2021

  • Fixed Import UTF-8 text-encode (fixing issues while uploading CSV with texts in Russian language & other languages).

Version v1.1.1 Date: 05/03/2021

  • Fixed Database prefixes from "wp_" to the one being generated by wp.

Version v1.1 Date: 04/21/2021

  • New Added New "Fake Variation Type" dropdown field.
  • New Added New "Fake Variation Color" color picker field.
  • New Added New "Fake Variation Image" media upload field.
  • New Added the new display mode in the front end as Color Swatches or Images.
  • Improved Support for Gutenberg WP5 Editor.
  • Updated .pot file with the newly added strings.
  • Fixed Editing variations after clicking on the pages (2,3...etc).