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Foodhub Changelog

Version v1.6 Date: 04/28/2021

  • New Choose between tabs or list layout for the single recipe page (changeable from the theme panel);
  • New Inline theme style now generated minified directly;
  • Updated All bundled plugins are now updated to the latest version;
  • Improved Single recipe page styling;
  • Improved SEO: Speed Improvements;
  • Improved SEO Improvements - Removed H1 from the logo;
  • Fixed Video height on single recipe page;
  • Fixed The Submit Recipe Button from the header redirects to the my-account page when a user is not logged in;
  • Fixed Back to top button arrow colors (changeable from the theme panel);
  • Fixed Preloader colors (changeable from the theme panel);
  • Fixed Missing header menu when the "Rewrite Theme Options" is set with "No" on the back-end of the page;
  • Fixed Undefined constant "SBVCGMAP_PLUGIN_VERSION" on sb-google-maps-vc-addon.php;
  • Fixed Errors and notices on PHP 7.4.x right after installing the theme;

Version v1.5 Date: 11/17/2020

  • New Replaced the "YITH WooCommerce Social Login" plugin with "Nextend Social Login". The "YITH WooCommerce Social Login" generates an error for some users ("YITH" knows about it and refuse to solve it);
  • New Recipe Schema Ready: See the test;
  • Updated All bundled plugins are now updated to latest version;
  • Improved Mega menu styling;
  • Improved UX: Search Recipe taxonomy form (from the sidebar): Moved the search submit button at the end of the form (below selectors);
  • Improved Functions from the theme now pluggable (improved child theme compatibility);
  • Fixed Database prefixes hardcoded in few shortcodes (now the prefix its fetched automatically);
  • Fixed Removed title length for Recipes Slider;
  • Fixed Fatal error regarding missing function foodhub_review_criterias() when the theme is disabled and plugins active;
  • Fixed Mega Menu mouse hover problems;
  • Fixed Recipe titles limitations on category pages now removed;
  • Fixed The search form from taxonomy pages not using the correct taxonomy name for categories "Eg: Category: Burgers";
  • Fixed Header search form scroll position on click;

Version v1.4 Date: 06/24/2020

  • Improved Demo Importer speed;
  • Updated All bundled plugins are now updated to latest version;
  • Fixed Home not being set after demo import;
  • Fixed Category images not being imported;
  • Fixed Replaced Instagram Sharer with Whatsapp;

Version v1.3 Date: 05/15/2020

  • Updated All bundled plugins are now updated to latest version;
  • Updated Theme Documentation;
  • Fixed Sticky Menu for mobile devices;
  • Fixed Social Icons color changed from Theme Panel;
  • Fixed Menu on mobile devices takes the global color style;
  • Fixed Hover Color for menu items;
  • Fixed Wrong link on Shortcode Recipes A-Z;

Version v1.2 Date: 03/10/2020

  • New Recommended PHP Configuration Limits in ModelTheme Framework -> Demo Importer;
  • Updated All bundled plugins are now updated to latest version;
  • Updated .POT translation file from the theme;
  • Updated .POT translation file from the ModelTheme Listings Manager;
  • Updated ModelTheme Knowledge plugin to v1.2;
  • Updated ModelTheme Framework plugin to v1.2;
  • Fixed A few missing translations from the theme & from ModelTheme Listings Manager plugin;

Version v1.1 Date: 02/18/2020

  • New Instant search feature on header search form;
  • Updated All bundled plugins;