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Enefti – NFT Marketplace Core Changelog

Version v1.0.3 Date: 06/29/2022

  • New Compatibility with NFT Creator v1.3.0 (not backwards compatible).
  • New Added 3 new short codes for showing NFTs on your website.
  • Fixed Transactions not registering inside the database.
  • Fixed Plugin Activation failing (you will need to deactivate the plugin before updating, contact support for help).
  • Fixed Buttons and inputs are now stylized.
  • Fixed Buttons on NFT Listings page not working.
  • Fixed Author URL not showing up on NFT Single Page.
  • Fixed Collection image not uploading.
  • Fixed View NFT Button not showing up after listing a NFT.
  • Fixed Databases not creating correctly.
  • Fixed NFT Ownership not syncing with the blockchain.
  • Fixed Showing ETH Icon instead of the blockchain the NFT was deployed to. (NFT Listings page)

Version v1.0.2 Date: 06/09/2022

  • New Page for Connecting your wallet (Login/Register). (Requires reactivation of the plugin from inside the Plugins' menu)
  • New Performance Improvements.
  • Fixed Not being able to create contracts. (Requires reactivation of the plugin from inside the Plugins' menu)

Version v1.0.1 Date: 05/30/2022

  • Fixed Fatal error: Cannot declare class MTA_API, because the name is already in use.
  • Fixed Not creating tables on activation.