We`ve talked about how amazing Cryptic WordPress Theme is. We can simply not ignore the fact that Cryptic can also be an excellent development platform for an ICO. Cryptic is the best choice when you`re looking for an Cryptocurrency ICO WordPress Theme.

But what does in ICO mean? We are sure you know what it is, but we literally need to tell you about this one because Cryptic includes all those tools you need to launch your ICO. So, an ICO or an Initial Coin Offering is a sort of a fundraising process or mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether.

ICOs are a relatively new phenomenon but have quickly become a dominant topic of discussion within the blockchain community. Fast forwarding, is a very complicated and tedious process and as always we are trying to make it easier for you. Stick with us and find out how easy can be to boost your ICO website.


ICO Directory and Listings


The newer the atmosphere of crypto-coins, the bigger is the competition. So even the smallest details counts. Cryptic WordPress Theme comes with a very important functionality. Now you have the possibility to create a focused database website that contains this whole world of ICO`s, even more, it provides information about each ICO. With this feature, you are providing an important service for your customers but also it will be very easy for you to study the market and analyze statistics around the globe.

When you`re using an ICO directory like this you expect to receive an accurate and precise listing so we decided to improve this page. We added some filters, such as ICO Scope or ICO Type. These will help you get the information you need in just 3 clicks.


More Filters, More Info

In this process of creating Cryptic, we focused so much on how relevant your ICO website will be. Your business will be the most relevant only when it will be capable of delivering a fully professional service to its clients. Another important aspect when it comes to success is when the clients become persons that bring you, clients. This will happen if you deliver information and by that, we talk about important information.


We`re talking about ICO`s here and the market is crowded. In 2018 so far 722 ICO`s managed to raise over $18,000,000,000. We personally would love a small piece of those big 18 and we think you would too. We developed a singular but important package of filters. These filters will deliver information about Active ICO`s, Upcoming ICO`s and Ended ICO`s. What could possibly go wrong if you use an ICO theme for WordPress.


Frontend Submissions

Using a frontend submission feature, you will turn your website into a full-fledged marketplace. It also includes all of the powerful features that you need to manage your marketplace. Vendors can easily register accounts, add items, etc. Vendors will benefit from a Vendor Dashboard.

In this main Dashboard customer, questions are visible, and the vendor can respond to them, we can also see an URL to your public store page. Vendors can quickly manage products, view their stats, they can even add new products. And so much more!


Cryptic – Best ICO WordPress Theme

Building an ICO Directory and Listings website can be hard, but we love our job and this hard process it is no more a problem. Boost your ICO using Cryptic as your ICO WordPress Theme.

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