WordPress themes for education

Are you seriously considering starting a business in the field of education? To be successful and to be able to present your services efficiently, you need a quality online platform on which you can build an efficient way of presenting. For this, you need a WordPress theme that can meet all your needs. A WordPress theme for education should be impeccable and inspire professionalism. And we have some recommendations for you.

WordPress Themes for Education


In 2022, most of those who start such a business in the field of education want to provide the other information that they have accumulated over time. Usually, these businesses or services translate into courses, ebooks, training, mentoring, or consulting.

To be able to offer such a good service, your WordPress theme for education must offer users the opportunity to register, to be able to buy only the courses and training they want, but also to have a friendly interface with which to use.


SmartOwl is the theme that we have managed to develop and continue to improve over the years. It is one of our best-selling projects and can help you take your education business to another level.

The SmartOwl WordPress theme gives you access to over 20 different demos. You can use them to build a niche website that focuses on every service you offer.

Whether it’s consulting, education, or training, SmartOwl has it all. And when you buy the theme, you also receive 6 months of support.


If it wasn’t already obvious, Coacher is one of our projects that focuses a lot on a particular service in this industry. If you need WordPress themes for education and your services are exclusively based on training and coaching, Coacher is the best theme you can use. The theme is developed so that it can be a perfect website for an entrepreneur or a trainer working in any of the following fields: freelancers, trainers, or coaches.

Coach only gives you four demos, but because it’s so niche, it’s more than you’ll need. Coacher even has a demo dedicated to those who work in the fitness field. You will be able to upload videos to your new website, which can be watched by students or visitors to the site.



If the first two WordPress themes for education were dedicated to those who practice this profession on their own, we thought it would be mandatory to give you some details about a WordPress theme dedicated to larger institutions.

LMStudy is a theme that has been specially created for private schools, kindergartens, universities, colleges, or summer schools. LMS means Learning Management System, and we believe that such a business needs more support in terms of presentation.

The services offered by a freelancer can be offered through the platform, but when it comes to a school with dozens of learning programs, LMSTUDY will help you present them in the most efficient way possible.

The 2 demos available in the theme are perfect for organizing and providing very good information to all those who want to enroll in one of the learning programs offered by the school. Here are some important shortcodes that are included in the theme: Testimonials, Google Maps, Pie charts, Pricing Table, Progress Bars, Blog Grid, Clients, Counter, Accordion, Image Gallery.


Eistruttore was one of those WordPress themes for education that only a certain category of trainers and coaches needed. The theme was developed especially for those who practice life coaching, are mentors, or even consultants. The theme emphasizes the one who practices this job, so you will be able to use it even if you are a motivational speaker.

Eistruttore gives you access to many features that will help your business grow. You will have a learning management system and you will be able to use contact forms to get in direct contact with your clients. You have over five demos to choose from and can build the best pages that can help you sell your services.



Our last topic is the one that surprised us the most because it is dedicated to a business segment that impressed us a lot.

Edukid is one of those WordPress themes for education that is dedicated to educational services for children. This theme is suitable for schools and kindergartens.

Even if they are state or private, the way you organize your services in Edukid is more enjoyable than any other theme.

You can introduce all kinds of tools, quizzes, lessons, and other courses dedicated to children on the website so that they can learn very quickly.

The demos are very pleasant, full of animations and colors, which will impress both parents and students.


If you are going to start such a business in the field of education, the WordPress themes for education that I talked about in this article are the most suitable. For each of them, you will receive support from us for at least 6 months.

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