It is no longer necessary to come from a rich family in order to have a chance to make your voice heard. There are no more social, ethnic or demographic barriers. Now if you want to make your story heard or you believe someone can learn from your experiences or passions, you can create your own website as a blog and from there, everything is simple.

You simply donate information and someone will definetly resonate with. But even in the world of bloggers, the competition is very high. SO how do you make the material written by you get to the right audience? We`ve prepared a list of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers that cna help you do your work as efficiently as possible.

1. Yoast

Sure you`ve heard of that hard work called SEO. That optimization process that is mandatory but comes with the package of many steps to follow. Well, Yoast can help you optimize your articles, pages, entire website to make it indexable very easily on Google pages.


2. Google Analytics Dashboard

If you have not already started to look at the statistics that the traffic from your website produces. Or, if you`ve already registered your website with Google Analytics, it would be good to know that to make the process easire, a WordPress plugin server just that. All the data collected from the traffic will also be present in the WordPress interface of your site. It`s not a big difference but it`s handy.



3. Everest Forms

For a blogger, the level of interaction he has with his audience is very important. By interacting, we mean those methods by which the blogger manages to communicate with the reader. Very often it may happen that they need to contact you in a more private or personal way.

Everest Forms serves for these purposes and provides you with a wealth of ways to make your form as simple and effective for your readers. The plug-in interface is easy to use and is equipped with drag and drop fields. The forms can be written and completed in any language you want, and the plugin comes directly with two templates you can use.



4. Maintenance Page

In the world of those who own a website, it is very common for some software or software tools to require maintenance, updates, changes or checks. While the blogger is working on these changes, the site may experience some changes.

You do not want your audience to feel like they are navigating on a construction site. With this plug-in, you can tell your readers about the reason and duration of your maintenance session in an attractive and professional manner. The maintenance page is a responsive design that looks great on any device.



5. Easy Social Sharing

easy-social-sharing-wpProbably the most important development factor for a blogger is becoming viral over the internet. A blogger’s audience must always be able to share the content he or she creates. Easy Social Sharing allows your audience to share the content you create on social platforms. Your articles or pictures will be shared on 18 different platforms using this plugin.

Packing everything up in a nice gift paper, all these plugins will ease your daily work on the blog. They will make your website more attractive, you will have more time for creativity.

Start writing!

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