In today’s times, every business is required to have an online presence, whether we’re talking about a simple website or a whole marketing strategy. This is essential, especially for physical stores that want to expand their business in the web field. If you want to start an online store or a marketplace, we have prepared this article just for you. Here’s a list of the 4 best WooCommerce marketplace plugins to choose from according to your objectives and preferences.

iBid – Single & Multi-vendor Auctions and Shop theme:

– Free & Pro

dokan woocommerce marketplace plugins

is one of the best WooCommerce marketplace plugins. By using this plugin, you can easily build a marketplace like Shopify or eBay in less than 1 hour. One remarkable feature of this plugin is that vendors can customize their interface in the front-end dashboard. Vendors are allowed to customize their own front-end to choose colors, fonts, or text, but they do not have access to the back-end as it is restricted to admin only. The front-end is compatible with each add-on.

This plugin does not restrict your marketplace to physical products only. Vendors can list downloadable and variable products and can even create bookings and auctions. As a marketplace admin, you will be able to get revenue not only from sales but also by earning commission from vendors or different products.

A special feature that will allow you to attract more vendors is the sales report overview and the statement from the front-end dashboard. Each vendor can see how their business performs on your marketplace, and you as an administrator will be able to see the performance of each vendor.

– Free & Pro

WooCommerce Marketplace plugins

When it comes to WooCommerce marketplace plugins, is a “warehouse” of features. First of all, WooCommerce front-end Manager allows you to manage your online shop from the front-end: adding products, coupons, or just seeing a performance report has become a child’s play and you don’t need to be an IT professional to master it.

Any WooCommerce theme is compatible with WCFM, so you shouldn’t worry about it. One cool feature is the Vendor Ledger Book which allows all vendors and admins to check store transactions, commissions, ask for a refund, and many more.

This WooCommerce marketplace plugin even allows you to create a community around your business: customers can ask questions about some products and vendors can see them in the front-end dashboard and answer instantly. Moreover, vendors have the ability to set the open hours of the store and to close it for a period of time when they are on vacation.

If you work with small entrepreneurs, there is one feature that will allow every person visiting your online marketplace to support a local business. We’re talking about the search products near my location function.

We invite you to visit to find out more about this WooCommerce marketplace plugin.

WCMp Marketplace – Free & Pro

wcmp woocommerce marketplace plugin

WC Marketplace is a new multi-store plugin for WooCommerce and it is the perfect solution for every beginner who wants an online marketplace. It has a lot of useful functions that allow you to manage a marketplace such as Airbnb or Etsy. 

Similar to the plugins mentioned before, this one also allows vendors to customize their products, coupons, track orders, and plenty more directly from the front-end. 

Another great feature is the page builder feature that gives vendors the possibility to drag and drop some elements that they wish to appear on their store page. This makes the customization of the store interface much easier.

With this plugin, one product can be listed by more vendors which will enable the customers to compare the different prices for the same product.

To bring more flexibility for payments, WCMp comes with refund management software. Vendors and admins can set refund options for products so that customers can request refunds that may or may not be approved.

Also, customers receive an email about their order and shipping details, thus they can track order progress and have all the details they need. This will improve the customer experience overall and give your and your marketplace more credibility.

WC Vendors – Free & Pro

wc vendors woocommerce marketplace pluginWC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro are quite popular plugins among WooCommerce World. Why? Because they offer multiple WooCommerce solutions for plenty of businesses. One of the best features of this plugin is that it enables vendors to have their own customizable store and unique URL for their store. 

Another feature is the advanced commission system. You, as an admin, can set a fixed percentage or a fee for every vendor or product. Also, you have the possibility to create membership plans for vendors. Each plan can offer a limited set of products that can be listed, a certain amount of storage, or a limited number of categories and a personalized commission plan too.

The trustworthiness of the vendors is important for every marketplace. After purchase, every customer can write a review about his experience with the vendor and order. This way you can increase the brand value and popularity of your marketplace. This is also a good KPI that allows the admin to see which vendor is more successful and take decisions based on it.

Bonus: All these plugins have a huge number of features that are easy to use and all of them are compatible with iBid – Multi Vendor WordPress Auction theme. Bestseller in auction and marketplace premium themes, this theme is perfect for multi-vendor and single vendor marketplaces. Some of its stunning features are:

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Front-end customization
  • Multiple headers versions
  • Translation and RTL language system
  • 24+ themes demo
  • Adaptation for every screen resolution

As a wrap-up, you decide what plugin you will use for your marketplace. However, we hope this article has helped you to get a better understanding of some distinctive features of the most popular plugins for WooCommerce Marketplaces. No matter what your choice will be, you can be sure that your marketplace will have all the necessary features it needs to develop and grow.

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