With more than 1500 purchases on Envato Marketplace, iBid becomes the best auction template on the internet. This article will give you at least 20 reasons why you should choose iBid when it comes to a new/existing auction website. We already made an honest theme review a few months ago and it got much attention. For this reason, we decided to create a new press release with some other reasons for which iBid should be used as a solution for your next auction site.

1. Multi Vendor Auctions Marketplace

iBid is the ideal candidate for auction marketplaces. A multi-vendor marketplace is like a pot of gold for business owners. They can win money from their vendors by setting up commissions for their sales/auctions. We took this theme to a whole new level and made it compatible with four multi-vendor marketplace plugins:

Each marketplace comes with a number of unique characteristics. We made it compatible with multiple plugins because they were requested numerous times by our customers. You should use the one that works best with your business model.

2. Single Vendor Online Store

Even though in our ThemeForest item description we mentioned the fact that this theme is suitable for both multi and single-vendor websites, we are often asked again. And, yes, the theme works best for single vendor websites (without any multi-vendor marketplace); in this case, admins/shop owners add/sell their products and auctions.

3. Mix Auctions and Products in a Single Marketplace

With the iBid theme, you can create a marketplace with both products for sale and auction products. We have added this functionality as requests came by from our customers. We also listed two customers’ feedbacks and most of the requested features are introduced regularly in theme updates. The iBid changelog contains all fixed, improved, or added aspects in each update.

4. Powered by WooCommerce

woocommerce-auction-themeWooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution for online stores. It is open-source (free to download and use), supports any existing currency, is fully translatable in any left to right (LTR) and right to left (RTL) language, and has compatibility with hundreds of payment methods, including payment on delivery, PayPal, Stripe and more. With more than 5 million active installations, it is the most user-friendly eCommerce platform for webshops.

5. Reverse Auctions & Normal Auctions

Reverse Auctions can be added with just a few clicks on any auction from the site. Along with the normal auction feature, vendors and shop owners can also start a reverse auctions marketplace or store. Check this sample product if you want to test the reverse auction feature.

ibid-reverse-auction-theme (1)

6. Numerous Auction Settings

Our developers have introduced auction settings on all of the compatible marketplaces. The vendors are now able to submit their auctions directly from the frontend panel, in just a few minutes. All of the auction options can be checked below:

ibid-dokan-auctions (1)
Screen capture from our Main Demo – Made with Dokan Marketplace.
  • Charity Auctions – our unique auctions feature is made for those who are willing to raise money for different charity causes. More details on how this works at point number 7, below.
  • Auction Settings
    • Item condition: New / Used.
    • Auction type: Normal / Reverse.
    • Proxy bidding.
    • Start price: the starting price for the auction.
    • Bid increment: the value set by the vendor as increment value.
    • Reserve price: If this option is enabled, the product will only be sold if the auction will reach the reserve price.
    • Buy It Now price: a product price (if someone chooses to purchase the product immediately, rather than bidding for it).
    • Auction Dates – Start and End: The availability of the auction.
  • Automatic Auction Relist
    • Automatically relist auction checkbox – if the auction doesn’t reach the reserve price or if the auction is not paid by the winner, it will be relisted.
    • Relist if it fails after n hours.
    • Relist if it is not paid after n hours.
    • Relist auction duration in h.

7. Fundraising & Charity Auctions

As mentioned before, iBid is the most complex auction theme at the moment, with more than 1500 active sales (July 2021). We also covered a huge need for nonprofit organizations or activists: Added a Fundraising and Charity Auctions Demo. This demo is an active component of the iBid WordPress Theme.

8. Vendor Application, Approval, and Commissions

Admin and Shop Manager user roles will always have full power over each vendor from the site. They can approve or reject any vendor application and block or disable accounts at any time. On the other hand, shop owners will benefit from setting up vendor commissions. The commissions can either be set differently for each vendor or globally. The theme is compatible with four multi-vendor marketplace plugins. In order to consult how the commissions work for each plugin, please check the links below:

  1. Dokan Marketplace: How to Setup Dokan Vendor Commission.
  2. WCFM Marketplace: Commission Mode.
  3. WC Vendors Marketplace: Commissions.
  4. WCMp Marketplace: Setting up Vendor Commission and Payments.

9. Payment Methods – for the Single Vendor sites

If the iBid Auctions theme is used in a single vendor shop (the case when the admins manage the products and orders from a webshop), the payment method possibilities are endless. There are tons of official modules to enable payment processors from all over the world, from PayPal to Stripe and Payments on delivery. Take a look at this official WooCommerce Payment Methods page to see some of them; there are also more payment methods free on wordpress.org ready to fulfill any need.

10. Payment Methods – for the Multi-Vendor Marketplace sites

When a web store accepts vendors to add auctions and products on the website, it is called a Marketplace. Because it’s a marketplace, you will have to use an addon to extend the single-vendor functionality to multi-vendors. iBid is now compatible with four major marketplace plugins. In order to see the available payment methods for each marketplace plugin, please consult the list below:

  1. Dokan Marketplace: Payment Methods.
  2. WCFM Marketplace: Vendor Payment.
  3. WC Vendors Marketplace: Payments.
  4. WCMp Marketplace: Payment Methods.

11. Online Theme Documentation

iBid documentation covers the most important things you will need in order to start and run your Auctions Website. Step-by-step instructions on how to install the theme and how to import demo pages are also part of the theme docs.

12. Multilingual and RTL Ready

We all know that a global eCommerce website needs to be multilingual. With iBid, you can achieve this goal with just a few clicks. The theme is fully right to left (RTL, any Arabic language) and has compatibility with any translation plugin. Some recommendations of translation plugins: Loco Translate (free), WPML (premium).

13. Unlimited Theme Options Panel

An intuitive and easy-to-use theme options panel is a reason why iBid needs to be your solution for the next eCommerce Auctions Marketplace. From the theme panel, users can choose to import every single theme demo presented on our landing page, change colors, footer and header settings, layouts, social media accounts, and many more. Take a closer look at the following theme panel walkthrough:

14. Design That Sells

With its one-of-a-kind design created by our team, iBid comes with more than 19 theme demos to cover almost any major auction niche. From automotive auctions to tickets, tours, and real estate auctions, iBid has it all to be the only solution for your auction website.

15. Always Up to Date

Since we have released this auctions theme, we also release updates regularly. We always love to surprise our customers with new features, new theme demos (niches), and improvements, fixes, and new features. Check out the iBid changelog to see all features included in the released updates.

16. Pre-Made Theme Demos

At this moment, the iBid theme comes with more than 19 demos. All of them can be used for one of the following purposes: Multi-vendor marketplace, Single vendor marketplace, mixed auctions, and selling products marketplace or single eCommerce website. Choose a demo and preview the looks of your future website:

26+ Theme Demos

Main Demo
Main Demo

Electronics & Tech Auctions

Automotive Auctions
Automotive Auctions

Cars & Automotive Auctions

Automotive Auctions v2
Automotive Auctions v2

Cars & Automotive Auctions

Antiques & Collectibles
Antiques & Collectibles

Antiques Collectibles Auctions

Numismatics Auctions
Numismatics Auctions

All Numismatics Auctions

Art Auctions
Art Auctions

Everything Art Auctions

Countdown Auctions
Countdown Auctions

Lots of Countdown Auctions

Shop no Auctions
Shop no Auctions

Multi vendor shop no auctions

Books & Comics Auctions
Books & Comics Auctions

Books, Comics & Magazines

Fundraising Auctions
Fundraising Auctions

Fundraising & Charity Auctions

Machinery Auctions
Machinery Auctions

All kind of Heavy Machinery

Domain Auctions
Domain Auctions

Many Domain Auctions

Vacantion Auctions
Vacantion Auctions

All of Tours & Vacantions Lists

Handmade Auctions
Handmade Auctions

List your Handmade products

Fashion Shop
Fashion Shop

Multivendor Fashion Shop

Cattle Auctions
Cattle Auctions

All type of animal auctions

Organic Shop
Organic Shop

Fresh Organic Food

Memorabilia Auctions
Memorabilia Auctions

Memorabilia and Sports items

Militaria Auctions
Militaria Auctions

Military & War times items

Laboratory & Medical Auctions
Laboratory & Medical Auctions

All Auctions for Laboratories

Freelancer Mode
Freelancer Mode

Create a freelancer website

Self Storage Auctions
Self Storage Auctions

Create Self Storage Auctions

NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Automobilia Auctions
Automobilia Auctions

Cars & Bikes Auctions

17. Loved by Our Customers

Don’t trust us? Check the reviews received on our ThemeForest profile.

18. Mobile Optimized Design

Our theme is fully optimized for mobile phones and tablets with smaller or larger resolutions; it also works and looks perfect in extra-large resolutions (we have tested the theme on 4K resolution devices).

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36 Replies to “18 Reasons Why iBid is the Best Auction Template Ever”

I am interested in creating an auction site for scrap materials (Steel, Paper,..) in my country. I didn’t see any demo close to what I want to build. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi Alla and thank you for being interested in our theme,

Our recommendation for this business type is the Heavy Machinery Auctions demo: https://ibid.modeltheme.com/machinery-auctions/

It is recommended because it’s a good starting point for your business. Even so, any other demo can be used (if you replace the products and images + set up your own colors), you will end up with a scrap materials (Steel, Paper,..) website in no time.

Best regards!

Is it possible to sell tickets to access to access the auction? It means, that the clients must buy a ticket to bid on the auction.

I have a question before buying your item.

This theme can be used on godaddy? Hosting. I upload the files and that’s it.

or do you have to do some other step

Hi Alberto and thanks for being interested in our theme,

Our recommendation is a hosting that comes with a cPanel to have full access over the files.

It should work without any problems in Godaddy (make sure to get a good hosting package in order to avoid slow loading speed).

Best regards!

Hello! Is it possible for buyer profile users to be able to post purchase needs at the same time as seller profiles post conventional offers and auctions?

Quick question. If I start an auction website using your software, is there a way for users to rate each other? That is the only thing I can’t in all the info about it.

Hi Kristofer,

Users(customers) can rate the Vendors for sure! Since customers don’t have a public profile, they can’t be rated by vendors. Such a feature can be implemented if you hire us to do your project/this task.

My recommendation is to also create a profile page for customers to list the ratings publicly. Otherwise, it will make no sense.

To request a quotation for your project, please send your project brief here: https://modeltheme.com/theme-customization


Two questions: Is there a way to mass upload inventory via .xls or .csv? And is there a way for bidders to “unlock and lock” bidding? In other words, is there an option for them to toggle to turn on bidding so they don’t accidentally bid?


– Can I integrate iBid auction theme to an already designed online shop and customize the interface? Or should I replace my previous theme completely with iBid?
It is an online store. I want to add an auction page to the website and have a section on my home page displaying the auctioned product that links to the bidding page.

– Is iBid compatible with Woocommerce and its payment methods?


I’m having trouble with my main home page. Ive created categories, but I can only list 10 products/subcategories under each category.

Hi, I would like to use/buy the Ultimate Auction Pro Plugin https://auctionplugin.net/ .
Is this theme compatible with the above plugin or I lose some functionality ?
My main concern is that I want users to be able to create their own auctions.

Thank you in advance.

I would like to ask if the theme is compatible with the Ultimate Auction Plugin.
Furthermore, if a user is able add his own auction product.

Thank you in advance

Hi there
Love the theme, I want to use the theme for a charity raffle site to sell tickets then have a draw, can I do this and also can I use the countdown timer (love that) for a WooCommerce product

Hi, is it possible to run timed auction events. We plan to run weekly auctions but may wish to add more events with multiple items for sale within each event, would be nice to be able to separate them off to distinguish between auction events. Also is it possible to set up auto invoicing when each auction event ends the bidders receive invoices with the multiple items they have won within a specific event with the total for payment. Last question is there a banning user built in and what fields can you ban to stop new accounts( for example ban by email address, name, postal address)

Hey Paul, You can run timed auctions by using our addon Auction Lots for iBid Theme – a lot can be an event and can contain multiple auctions (timed).

Auto invoicing: We don’t have an auto invoicing per event (right now you can setup invoice per product). We can implement a solution for autoinvoicing per event (if interested, please contact us via this form https://modeltheme.com/theme-customization ).

Banning users: You can ban them manually or set up a plugin to do this for you (by any field: IP, email etc).

Our recommendation is to prevent scams by using this addon https://modeltheme.com/product/mt-auction-subscriptions-and-credits/ – basically, users will pay a small fee to get access for bidding.

Hi, can you charge both a vendor and a customer commission within an auction, so that a customer pays 15% on top of the highest bid, and the vendor pays 15% of only the hammer price.
Also is there a way to allocate lot numbers to auction lots for a specific event. (just using the platform for auctions not a shop)

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