NFTs are here! Yes, it is all real. Start your own Affiliate NFT Marketplace in WordPress with just a few clicks, by purchasing our amazing toolset offer:

Enefti – WordPress NFT Marketplace theme – live demo.

Enefti theme the latest Cryptocurrency for NFT Websites, Wallet Presentation websites, or any other Crypto and Trading related sites. It can be purchased exclusively from Envato Marketplace. It comes bundled with a demo for NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).

WooCommerce NFT Importer

  • Import NFT Listings from OpenSea (via API).
  • Compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Import NFT in WooCommerce as affiliate/external products.

WordPress NFT Cards

  • List NFT Cards from in realtime via the OpenSea API
  • Fast Loading Shortcodes, made with VueJS
  • Can be used on any page, post, or widget.
  • Compatible with any page builder (via shortcodes).
  • Compatible with any theme.
  • Perfect for NFT Affiliates (Send traffic to from your website and earn commissions).

Addon for WCFM Marketplace

  • Let the WCFM Vendors import their favorite NFTs in your WCFM Marketplace store.
  • The NFTs will be imported as affiliate/external products.
  • Each vendor will set their own OpenSea affiliate ID and will start earning affiliate commissions.

Data Fetcher via Cronjob (Addon)

  • Addon for WooCommerce NFT Importer. It requires the core plugin in order to be used on WCFM.
  • Fetch NFT details in real-time via cronjobs.
  • Works with cPanel’s cronjobs or with EasyCron (external cronjobs service).

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Do you need a Real NFT Marketplace?

Check the following article. We have all the tools you need for creating a Real NFT Marketplace, where your visitors can buy, sell, and re-sell NFTs directly in WordPress.


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