1. Listing on theme collections

Your theme or your theme collection will be listed on any of our theme collections. You will get to choose the position of your theme.

You have the opportunity to benefit from the top spot on a listing.

The position of your theme on our collections, will be up to us depending on the quality of your theme.

Sometimes your theme can be added to a top 3 special listing.

Examples of collections:

Best cryptocurrency WordPress themes

Cost: $50

2. Featured listing on theme collections

Your theme will be placed among our top listings of any of our collections of your choice

We guarantee that you will receive a spot on a listing for at least 3 months. In case of any listing updates, your theme position may change, but it won’t get removed.

Any theme will come with a personal description.

Cost: $100

3. Banner Ads

We will agree on a specific, customized banner. We will decide together the placement, the size of the banner and the number of impressions.

You will have the option to choose where the banner will be. Between a home blog page or a relevant post page

Cost: $300/Month

4. Paid Reviews

You can benefit from a high detailed review about your theme, product or service. Your product should be related to WordPress, blogging, Design, or anything related to these topics.

The form of review: You review will be written in the form of a blog post.

What you receive: A highly detailed article that will put your product in value (branding)

You will benefit from a 600 to 1500 words article.

In this blog article you can choose to include certain screenshots, that will raise the exposure of your product.

Review examples:
Cryptic WordPress Theme

Cost: $150

5. Guest Posts

You can write an article or a blog post related to WordPress, Web Development, Graphic Design, Blogging and publish it on our website.

The article must be informative, SEO, high readability scored and with WordPress related focus keywords or key phrases.

What do you get: You can use your own author box to promote your themes or services. And a link to your website.

Cost: Contact Us for Prices