The most rewarding feeling we have is the moment when we reach a certain number of sales on Envato Market. We developed a tradition out of this counting process since we had our first item approved on Envato in 2014. It was called Travelogue and in the last 5 years, we managed to grow an Elite Author Envato profile which makes us proud every day.

A couple of hours ago we passed another milestone which was very important to us because it was the most challenging one. We hit 8000 Sales on Envato Market and there is so much to say about this that we do not even know where to start from.

Let’s start by saying Thank you so much for being an active member of our community and for all the times you were here checking out our latest projects and updates.

We also would like to send a lot of love to our team which was the key element in this whole 5-year process. Without them, ModelTheme would not be here today. Maybe for others, 8k sales is not much, but for us, it is probably the most important milestone that we ever reached. We are proud and motivated to continue doing what we love.

The road to 8k Sales on Envato Market

There are a lot of things that had to be done in order to reach this number. We would need 10 articles to discuss the whole adventure. One thing was very important for us: We wanted to create good software and astonishing WordPress Themes. We knew that the competition was high but the potential of our team was something to count on.

And we started. In 2014 we launched our first project. Travelogue is a Travel WordPress theme and it was the product that confirmed the possibilities of the ModelTheme project. In the first month of activity, we had more than 100 sales and 3 products approved for sale.

2015 was the real beginning for us because the start was ambitious. We felt like we are walking on a giant path and the potential was huge. We had a first whole year of activity ahead, and we killed it. In 2015 we had more than 700 sales with 4 approved themes. The number of sales kept growing year by year and we came out with some best sellers like OpenHub or Coacher.

But then, in 2018 we developed the most requested WordPress theme. Cryptic was born right in the middle of the Cryptocurrency ascendancy. Cryptic generated more than 1150 sales by its own in 2018 and keeps generating revenue because of its functionalities and features. We felt the growth with each year and we understood that this is what we want to do for many years to come. We love to create software and features for your business website.

  • Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin WordPress Theme
  • Currency Exchange + Many Crypto Charts
  • ICO Listings Directory + Submit ICO Templates

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In these 5 years of activity, ModelTheme was rewarded with a lot of prizes and words of appreciation.

  • We obtained badges for a lot of our achievements on the Envato platform.
  • The most recent badge is the WordPress Requirements Compliant Envato Badge.
  • We became an Elite Author on the platform, we receive a care package from Envato containing some goodies, accessories, and sweets.

We have more than 400 5star reviews on our Elite Author profile. At the moment we have more than 68 Themes that are ready to be used by any customer and over 8000 sales.

With a lot of projects coming and a lot of excitement, we want to say thank you and we are glad that we can create awesome WordPress for you.

Thank you for your support. With love, ModelTheme.

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