CTAs are an incredibly valuable part of any landing page. They help boost your conversion rates and engage your audience, and they can even make your page more visually appealing. Ensuring they are spot on is where the challenge usually lies.

In this post, we’ll take a look at eight ways in which you can boost the effect of your CTA buttons and get them to perform even better.

Let’s dive in.

Rely on White Space

To stand out and be as effective as possible, you want your CTAs to be surrounded by plenty of white space.

If you push them too close to the rest of your copy, they will appear more jumbled than they actually are. Make sure you leave some wiggle room and allow your CTA to speak for itself.

How much is enough will depend on the page’s layout, so test out different spacing until you hit the one that works best.

Don’t Use Grey

Grey has been shown to be the least effective color when it comes to CTAs, so definitely try not to use it. You can use grey for other elements – such as bullets, footer, menu – but the CTA should be more colorful.

Make It Pop

The colors you are using should be vibrant and contrasting to the rest of the page. Green and orange are supposedly the best CTA colors, but don’t choose them just because you are now armed with that fact.

Choose colors that are opposite to the main colors of your website on the color wheel. This will make them more noticeable and prominent.

Make It Look Like a Button

This might seem a little bit trivial – but you should actually aim to make your CTA buttons look like buttons. You don’t want them to melt into the background, or to appear in any way, shape, or form like they’re not clickable.

The more button-like you make it, the more obvious it will be to a visitor that a click will take them where they need to be. A button will be much more effective than an in-text link, not to mention the visual benefits it will be adding to your page.

Make Them Curvy

While we’re on the subject of buttons, make sure you also make their edges curvy. Sharp edges will appear more harsh and rigid, while curved edges will provide for smoothness and easier transitions.

All of these simple changes might sound a bit trivial, but, since humans are incredibly visual creatures, you want to make the tiny changes that will spark the right stimuli.

Here’s an example from Prime Massage Chairs that encapsulates the above tips – their CTAs are yellow, surrounded by enough white space to make the page look neat, and they are very clear about their purpose.

Make Them Curvy

Screenshot: primemassagechairs.com

Try to Make It Urgent

When it comes to the copy you will be using with your CTAs, there are several different options you can try. First, you can go for the urgency incentive.

By establishing the fact that a certain offer is limited, that there is limited stock available, or that there is a specific amount of time before the offer expires, you will be sparking more interest. People love to shop discounts, and they love limited offers. They also often suffer from the fear of missing out, so the more urgent your CTA is (in a non-pushy kind of way), the more effective it can be.

Step Outside the Box

When you sift through enough websites, you’ll start noticing that most websites are not at all creative when it comes to their CTAs, and that most of them use the same formula. “Click here,” “sign up” and the like certainly work well – but taking your CTA copy to the next level can make all the difference.

Depending on your audience, you might want to use a slang or jargon they’re familiar with and would appreciate. You can reach for pop culture references, puns, and jokes – anything other than the classic “click” formulation, and you might be surprised by the effect.

Test Your Theories out

When redesigning your CTAs, you want to make sure you’re getting it right – which is why you should employ some clever testing to see how your audience is reacting to different versions.

The purpose of the A/B test is to determine which version of your CTA is getting more clicks. When running it, make sure you only change one feature of the CTA, as opposed to featuring two completely different CTAs. Take it feature by feature and element by element until you come up with a version that works.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, the smallest of changes can make an incredible impact. If you are doing a revamp of your CTAs or just launching your website, take into consideration the advice we’ve outlined. These tactics will help make your efforts effective – just like your CTAs.

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